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Cody Lewers – Auction Manager

Cody is a native of Arizona attending Arizona State University where he studied business. His on going passion for setting high goals began in high school, where Cody was a decorated scholar athlete, participating in and being recognized as a leader in 3 varsity sports, multiple years in a row.

Real estate became a passion for Cody while working an internship in the East Hamptons, NY. He became enamored with luxury real estate having being surrounded by some of the finest residential properties in the world. It was through his exposure to the finest homes available and the people who owned, bought and sold them that he developed his interest in luxury real estate and the psychology of these affluent individuals.

Cody began his real estate career with Blackstone Capital the largest private-equity firm working in the institutional real estate investing world. As a National Director for the world’s largest company owning single-family homes, Cody oversaw compliance related items pertaining to over $14-billion deployed in a 24-month period.

Through these experiences, Cody has developed the leadership, pedigree and knowledge required for being a successful real estate professional in the luxury residential arena. He has currently been in the real estate industry for the past 7 years.