Meet The Executive Team

Chris HS

Chris Weir

Director of Marketing

Chris brings over 20 years of marketing and advertising experience in both advertising agencies and in-house marketing departments.  Through the years Chris has won countless local, regional, and national advertising awards and is a guest lecturer and speaker at universities and organizations across the country.

Chris was born and raised in the Southeast in a small town called Cleveland, TN, just outside of Chattanooga.  In school, he was very involved in music.  By the age of 16 he had written his first piece of music for orchestra and decided to pursue music in college.  Upon arriving at Middle Tennessee State University, he quickly realized that most music majors were becoming high school band directors, and he had no interest in that.  And if by fate, his roommate was a marketing major. Fortunately, his roommate was not a very good graphic designer and constantly needed help on assignments, sparking Chris’s interest marketing and advertising.

As Director of Marketing for Supreme Auctions, Chris is responsible for leading the award-winning marketing team and ensuring unparalleled exposure for every single Auction Campaign.  He coordinates and oversees the creative planning, production, distribution, management, and monitoring of all marketing and advertising activities for each property. In addition, he is responsible for all marketing and advertising for the company.