Accelerated marketing, proven expertise, and aggressive, yet discreet, sales techniques.

When affluent homeowners look for a firm that they can successfully build a trusting relationship with, one that will market their unique property and as an end-result, sell their home in 45 days at the best market price, time and time again they turn to The Architects of the Industry™ Supreme Auctions®. Accelerated Marketing, proven expertise, and aggressive, yet discreet, sales techniques, that are designed to create the urgency for the buyer to take action, are all a part of a successful luxury property auction, but so is working with transparent, honest, fair, equitable, and conscientious people that have your best interests at heart.


Being the leader within the luxury property auction industry did not happen overnight.

It took years of research, planning, development, finding the right team, and creating the perfect formula for success. The work was definitely worth it, as our blueprint is so successful, that many have tried to unsuccessfully emulate it throughout the years.

Combining years of expertise with genuine personalities, we have become a company that homeowners of high-end residences can rely on. We have the highest success rate in the industry thanks to our knowledge and understanding of the luxury market, as well as our resources that implement targeted marketing campaigns across the globe.



Supreme Auctions was founded in 2007, beginning with the vision of two people who saw an opportunity in the traditional real estate world. CEO, Maverick Commins, and President, Jennie Heal, created a niche platform and wanted to provide a service that would stand alone in the residential luxury real estate industry. Maverick Commins decided to incorporate the techniques he learned and developed selling high-end art and antiquities globally and applied them to high-end real estate, which had never been done before. Jennie Heal knew that this new concept would require a base built upon superior customer relationships, a mastery of psychology, marketing with a completely different message to drive buyers to act, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Combining experience, these two leaders have created an authentic approach in order to grow the company into what is considered today to be the premier luxury real estate auction house of the 21st Century. Whereas multi-million-dollar homes take months, or even years to sell traditionally, Supreme Auctions®’ Accelerated Marketing Process of 45-days has revolutionized today’s luxury real estate industry.




Originally from the Southwest of England, Jennie was influenced at an early age by auctions, attending many an estate auction sale with her father.

With her marketing degree and education complete, she has traveled to over 60 countries worldwide with her understanding of both domestic and international direct marketing sales. It is this unique experience that enables Jennie to manage the company’s multi-faceted property portfolio, including market analysis studies, marketing processes and client satisfaction. With years in the auction industry, as well as within the international sales and marketing community, Jennie has garnered the expertise to become highly successful in building relationships with upper-level decision makers, in addition to being client focused and performance driven to best serve Supreme Auctions®’ clientele.

With an eloquent grace and vehement spirit, Jennie also works tirelessly to help nonprofits. As a benefit auctioneer, she has raised millions for foundations and charities, through her passion of helping others, where it’s been said that she brings just a touch of “Sotheby’s” to the auction block.


There’s nothing up his sleeve! Maverick Commins may have been a past world champion magician; however, being successful in the luxury property auction industry did not happen by chance or sleight-of-hand. Maverick has literally been working with estates throughout his entire life… first restoring them with his father as a teenager then later moving into high-end art and antiquities auctions with the largest privately owned art auction house in North America, advancing to number 3 out of a field of over 350 auction sales associates with the company in under 6 months.

Having come from the high-end art world, Maverick looked at the real estate world and how the Internet has changed the way buyers get their information and properties get sold. He wanted to elevate the auction industry from the previous bank-owned, distressed properties solution, which is traditionally viewed as a last-ditch effort for homeowners in misfortunate situations and rebrand it to a luxury property business. Supreme Auctions® is known as The Architects of the Industry™, creating an alternative means of selling luxury properties. This is accomplished following the same structure as high-end art and antiquities dealers throughout the world who operate refined auctions to high net worth clientele.


“My experience with Supreme Auctions on a scale from one to ten, is clearly a ten. We are very happy with the results.”

Tony Caos – Seller Windermere, FL

“Supreme Auctions met every bit of my expectations and in a lot of respects went far beyond my expectations.”

David Wolfram – Seller Vero Beach, FL

“My experience in working with Supreme Auctions® was phenomenal, and their follow-up was incredible.”

Devin Doherty – eXp Realty Mission Viejo, CA
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