Strategy To Buy Land In Colorado To Achieve Ultimate Privacy

August 11, 2016
Buy Land In Colorado

Before you buy land in Colorado or anywhere else, it’s important to have a strategy – especially if privacy is a high priority. Any real estate purchase is a big decision, but ensuring your privacy can be especially tricky. You never know who will buy adjacent land and what they might do with it. That’s why you need a game plan. Here’s what we suggest.

Buy Plenty of Acreage

What’s the best way to ensure your neighbor’s activities don’t encroach on yours? Distance between you and them. The best way to create that distance is to own plenty of the surrounding land. One of the best things about Colorado is that it’s still pretty wild. There’s tons of wilderness and wildlife, so putting up a fence isn’t always ideal or possible. Instead, simply invest in a larger piece of land that you can keep undeveloped and naturally beautiful.

Buy Near BLM

Another strategy is to buy land where having any neighbors at all is unlikely. The Bureau of Land Management has set aside 8.3 million acres of public land in Colorado, mostly in the western half of the state. BLM strictly limits development and sometimes even human presence on this land, so there’s little chance of a strip mall or resort popping up in your backyard if you buy land near BLM land.

Buy Near a Small Town

Colorado is home to more than 20 ski resorts, many of them world famous. While they offer fun and amenities, the crowds they attract can make privacy scarce. Instead, choose a small town. You’ll still have more amenities than if you bought land in the middle of the wilderness, but you’ll also get to enjoy a more laid-back atmosphere. For celebrities and high-profile executives, it’s important to spend time away from the spotlight, and many small towns can offer that.

Buy Your Dream

Okay, so now you have a plan. Ready to execute it on the perfect property? Mad Dog Ranch has it all: offering over 240 acres that back to BLM land just 10 minutes outside of quiet Crawford, Colorado. While featuring a working equestrian ranch with a 7-stall barn, Quonset, silo and an outdoor training area, the centerpiece of the property is a gorgeous English Tudor mansion. With its 33-foot tall turret, chef’s kitchen, and ultra-luxurious master suite, you can be the king or queen of your own castle and kingdom. Not convinced? Then take it from the couple who built the home: Rock & roll legend Joe Cocker and his wife Pam. They fell in love with the tranquility and privacy of Mad Dog Ranch, and you can too at a luxury absolute no reserve auction on September 1st, 2016.

While it’s impossible to put a price tag on privacy, you’ll get to name your own price for Mad Dog Ranch when you buy land in Colorado. To learn more about the property and claim your spot at the auction, contact us or call Supreme Auctions directly at (866) 929-2243 today!

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