Top Tips to Buy Luxury Property With Land in Texas the Smart Way

May 4, 2017
How To Buy Luxury Property In Texas with Land

Sometimes, traditions exist because they are the best way of doing something. Other times, they exist because no better way has been discovered. Take the art of buying real estate — let’s say you are in the market for luxury property with land in Texas. You want to make sure you are getting the best estate at the best price, and that may mean doing things a little bit differently than you’ve done in the past. Let’s explore the smartest way to ensure you get the property of your dreams at the best value.

Skip the traditional real estate agent house hunt. The age-old practice of piling into your real estate agent’s car, driving around to open houses and private viewings over a span of weeks or months, and then making offers and counteroffers works for run-of-the-mill homes. But for individuals who are looking to buy luxury property with land in Texas, there’s a better way: buying luxury real estate at auction. Say goodbye to all the traditional hassles, as you work with a professional who will use your precious time wisely — providing you with a property information packet so you can do your due diligence, giving you a guided tour of the property, and having bid assistants to help you on auction day.

Pre-arrange financing, if needed. On auction day, be prepared to place a sizeable deposit immediately upon learning you’re the highest bidder. Since most auction properties are sold without contingencies, you will need to make arrangements to have financing in place before the auction day. When interest rates are favorable, paying cash might not be the most efficient use of your money.

Decide how to take title. Consult with your tax accountant and estate planner to determine your options for taking title, as each has consequences for taxes and your estate. For instance, property tax records are public knowledge, so taking title in a living trust may offer the privacy you desire.

Use a trusted luxury auction company. While the auction process has been around for centuries, the methods of marketing a luxury real estate auction are being revamped. You’ll want to work with a company that has a special understanding of the luxury market in the regions you’re exploring. A company like Supreme Auctions, which has lead the auction industry for over 30 years, offers the most current systems, resources and expertise to ensure your real estate auction experience is an exceptional one.

There are many beautiful high-end properties up for auction, but as with any major purchase, you need the right option to come available at the right time. For instance, Hansons Oasis is a Mediterranean-style luxury property with land and a lake in Spring, Texas. This incredible property is making its debut to the real estate market, being offered for the very first time through a luxury no-reserve auction with Supreme Auctions on May 25. Make your winning bid on Hansons Oasis in Benders Landing Estates today. Contact us or call Supreme Auctions at 866-929-2243 to learn more about owning this distinguished property.

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