Why Outdoor Enthusiasts Buy Luxury Real Estate North of Atlanta

May 12, 2016
Buy Luxury Real Estate North of Atlanta

Of course, it’s important to live near a thriving metropolis for any successful person in the 21st century, but equally important is both your physical and emotional health. This is why the new American dream is to find that perfect place at just the right distance from the big city so that you can not only take care of business efficiently, but also fully enjoy life on this incredible and beautiful planet. When you really understand that idea, it becomes obvious why so many successful people look to buy luxury real estate north of Atlanta, Georgia.

The City in the Woods

Atlanta is well known as a major economic hub and home to many Fortune 500 companies. Less well known is that the geography surrounding Atlanta is stunningly green and beautiful, earning the city its nickname, “The City in the Woods.” Untold acres of raw forest, plus major national parks like the Chattahoochee River Recreational Area make the communities north of Atlanta a natural pick for outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, picnicking or hunting that calls to you, you’ll find it only minutes away at most.

An Environment Meant for Outdoor Lunches

Maybe “minutes away” is still too much for you – we understand! With a place as inviting as Georgia, why waste even a second? North and northeastern Atlanta are home to some of the best neighborhoods and communities in the country, celebrated for their stunningly gorgeous homes, amazing schools and people who are both successful and friendly. In places like the Buckhead district of Atlanta, you’ll find exquisite properties with great outdoor areas meant for hosting. Buckhead is sometimes called “the Beverly Hills of the South” for the incredible architecture and wealth found here, which is why so many outdoor enthusiasts buy luxury real estate in Atlanta.

Unlocking Your New Life

Maybe you’ve considered buying luxury real estate before but were deterred by the often unnecessarily difficult and long process. Your patience is about to be rewarded, however, as an incredibly rare, luxury no reserve auction is scheduled for a stunning dream home on May 26th, 2016. Bella Northside is a Versailles-inspired estate that sits on two acres and feels, appropriately, like your own personal palace. Imagine lounging by the pool or wandering the extensive manicured gardens as you soak up the Georgia sunshine. Words and pictures cannot possibly do this home justice, however – you must see it to appreciate its grandeur. Don’t just buy luxury real estate in Atlanta; discover how this residence will bring you closer to nature every day. Visit Supreme Auctions and contact us or call (866) 929-2243 to learn more about the property that will change your standards of what a home can be, and you’ll understand why the real estate north of Atlanta is worth a trip all on its own.

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