The Smart and Savvy Way To Buy Winter Vacation Homes in Arizona

February 4, 2016
Buy Winter Vacation Homes in Arizona

Every year, more than 300,000 snowbirds enjoy the warm, dry weather in The Grand Canyon State. Renting accommodations each year can get pricey, but if you want to buy winter vacation homes in Arizona, you could be in for a long wait. That is, if you buy traditionally.

If you want an elegant winter vacation home in Arizona in time to winter here next season, the best way to do that is to attend Supreme Auctions’ luxury no reserve auction of Hawk’s Nest in Carefree, AZ.

Not only does this home have all the amenities you could ever need, distinguishing details, and gorgeous city lights and mountain views, you can also buy this property in 30 days.

The Supreme Auctions Way

Our process starts with a phone call from you to (866) 929-2243 – that is, if you can peel your eyes away from the photos. This is your chance to learn more about the estate and, if you’re ready, reserve your place at the March 3rd auction.

You’ll have the chance to visit the home in person, ask questions, and view relevant reports and documents.

The auction itself takes place at the property, giving you one last opportunity to look around. Then, the excitement of the auction begins!

The Benefits of the Auction

All of our auctions are absolute and held without reserve, meaning that the highest bidder walks away the proud owner of one of the most beautiful vacation homes in Arizona – regardless of price. The benefits of this kind of auction are numerous, but previous buyers have especially loved:

  • A guaranteed sale. When the owner puts up their home at a Supreme Auctions event, you know they’re serious about selling now. They’re not waiting for a better offer to roll in six months.
  • You set the price. Whatever the winning bid is, you know it’s fair market value because you’re bidding directly and immediately with the other buyers in the market.
  • The process is quick. You’ll know as soon as the auction is over whether the home is yours, not after months of negotiating, and Escrow.

Lightning Fast Closure

If you think the bidding process is fast, just wait until you see the closing process! Nearly all Supreme Auctions estates close within just 30 days. Some close even sooner. That means you could be sipping iced tea poolside at Hawk’s Nest in April before heading up north for the summer.

Want to learn how you can buy winter vacation homes in Arizona with Supreme Auctions? Call us today at (866) 929-2243 or contact us with any questions!

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