Benefits of Buying Costa Rica Investment Property for Sale

October 29, 2015
Costa Rica investment property for sale

If you’re thinking of investing in international realty, it’s not a decision you want to make lightly. There’s so much to consider, but the single most important choice you will make is selecting the right country for your investment. One of our top picks is Costa Rica. Buying Costa Rica investment property for sale is a great choice because the nation is a highly desirable location, it’s a great place to live, and its foreign investment laws make purchasing property easy.

No Red Tape

In many nations, especially in Latin America, laws are stringent about who can own property. In many other countries, you must be a citizen to own land. If you don’t have citizenship, the best you can do is own “usage rights” of the property, meaning the government can take back the property.

In Costa Rica, foreign buyers have nearly the same rights as locals. While the legal system makes transferring the property to your heirs a bit complicated, you can circumvent these laws by creating a mini corporation within your family. The biggest perk, however, is that unlike many countries, Costa Rica has a pretty extensive central land registry. This allows you to easily verify the legitimacy of your land purchase, limiting your risk of succumbing to fraud.

La Pura Vida

One fear that limits investment potential in a nation’s realty is political or social unrest. Costa Rica has a democratic tradition that goes back 60 years, and has been a peaceful country. The country doesn’t have a standing army, instead choosing to invest in education, healthcare, and ecology – and Costa Rica excels in each.

In fact, Costa Rica ranks third on the global Environmental Performance index, and first on the Happy Planet Index. Buying Costa Rica investment property is a great idea because Costa Rica is a great place to live – for you, for your family, and for your tenants.

Highly Desirable

It’s no wonder Costa Rica is highly sought after for real estate. When you combine a stable nation and liberal foreign investment laws with the stunning natural beauty of Costa Rica, it’s hard to walk away.

Are you ready to invest? Good! Because you have an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy an incredible eco-luxury resort home in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, Guanacaste Province. Built around the natural terrain with breathtaking views of the Nosara rainforest, the four homes of Nirvana Sanctuary represent the investment of a lifetime. Local hardwood finishes, soaring windows, and infinity pools combine with energy efficient appliances, live green roofs, and natural airflow for properties that will create beauty in the lives of their residents for years to come.

And the best part? You can name your own price for any or all of the Nirvana Sanctuary homes at a one-time luxury no reserve absolute auction on November 14th, 2015. To learn more, call Supreme Auctions directly at (866) 929-2243 or email us your questions.

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