Eco Friendly Log homes: The New Luxury Vacation Home

October 5, 2012

If you are in the market for a vacation property, what type of home are you considering? In today’s world, green living is vitally important, but you never want to sacrifice quality and luxury. Is there a way that you can bridge the two? Can you really have a wonderfully beautiful and decadent home that is still eco friendly? In fact, you can. You will find that eco friendly log homes are able to meld luxury, style, and environmental friendliness perfectly!

One of the best things about running an eco friendly home is that the operating costs are going to be considerably lower. In many cases, owners of these types of homes report that even though they may have a large and rambling property, the running costs are more similar to the costs that you would expect from a much smaller home or even that of a condominium. With the use of Solar Photovoltaic features and a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, a ‘net zero home can be realized. Another benefit is the fact that you know you are doing something good for the environment and you are reducing your carbon footprint.

The utilization of natural materials such as reclaimed Douglas Fir and Engelmann Spruce logs and choosing the best quality eco friendly products for the home is essential for the success of the property as a truly environmentally friendly home. The look and feel of combining natural elements such as Spruce Logs, mosaic slate and copper finishes give the property that special warmth and luxurious feel that you will want to call your own.

Choosing the right builders who know how to install those items is vitally important as well. Some of the things that you are going to want to consider when you are searching for an eco friendly home include a triple redundancy heating system that utilizes natural gas, geothermal ground loop for heating, the use of SIP (structural insulated panels) with a high rating of R42 or R52 to achieve the highest insulation and high quality triple glazed windows with argon gas between the panes. Making the move to an eco friendly home is going to make you feel good!

Of course, you might not want to wait and build one of these homes on your own. If you are in the market for an eco friendly log home, and you just can’t wait to build one on your own, you don’t have to. The Luxury Real Estate Auction Company – Supreme Auctions announced that it is holding an Absolute Auction with No Reserve on October 25 for a newly built eco friendly home near Winter Park, Colorado. The log home has everything that you would need, want, or expect from a high-end luxury property. Best of all, the property is being sold fully furnished! Due to the home’s eco friendly design, the operating costs are at a minimum, considering its 14,773 square foot. It is a prime example of how one can live in the lap of luxury with all of the modern amenities and still be a friend to the environment. The property rests on almost 3 acres, and it includes 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms with views of the Winter Park Ski Resort. It’s a luxury property through and through and rated eco friendly!

Absolute Auction with No Reserve on October 25 for a newly built eco friendly home near Winter Park, Colorado[/caption]

To find out more about Supreme Auctions and the upcoming Absolute Auction of this eco friendly log home visit or call 866-929-2243.

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