Guanacaste Costa Rica Real Estate: Luxury Living Spotlight

October 6, 2015

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Are you looking for property in Central America? If so, take a look at the thriving real estate market in Costa Rica. This country, full of natural beauty and friendly people, is also one of the best places to buy luxury real estate for a fraction of the what it would cost in North America or Europe.

The trend of Guanacaste Costa Rica real estate has been one of rising demand. In addition to the growing local middle class, eco-tourism has fueled demand for vacation properties in popular provinces like Guanacaste. In fact, International Living Magazine ranks Costa Rica as one of the best locations to buy investment property in the world, and in 2014 Central Bank reported the highest increases in real estate since the year 2000. The most popular places to buy are the coastal regions of Guanacaste, especially Tamarindo.

Pura Vida Appeal

Costa Rica real estate is especially popular for expats for two reasons. The first is that laws allowing non-citizens to buy property are far more relaxed than in other Central American countries. The second is the incredible properties available for those who want to live the pure life.

Take Nirvana Sanctuary, for example, four distinctive villa homes with a contemporary style that perfectly marries both form and function while enjoying stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Exquisite details, like soaring walls of windows, cool tile flooring, and native hardwoods, make them both comfortable and beautiful. Top-of-the-line materials both inside and out, European telescoping pocket doors, and accordion-style glass doors ensure residents that perfect in-door/outdoor living environment that makes the most of every luxurious inch of space. Plus, each home has been built with eco-friendly practices and materials, so you can enjoy the natural beauty of Costa Rica for years to come.

Nirvana Sanctuary is located in the Guanacaste Province, on the Nicoya Peninsula, near Nosara, just a short drive from three beaches on Trip Advisor’s Traveler’s Choice Top 10 (Tamarindo, Avellanes, and Guiones Beaches). The town of Nosara provides all the modern amenities you need, as well as instructors who teach everything from yoga to Pilates to zip-lining to surfing – perfect for both long-term residents and short-term vacationers.

Changing the Face of Costa Rica Real Estate

The luxury no reserve absolute auction of Nirvana Sanctuary is your opportunity to take advantage of Supreme Auctions’ accelerated buying process in Costa Rica for the very first time. When you name your own price for one or more Nirvana Sanctuary home, you’ll be participating in the first luxury Guanacaste real estate auction of its kind. Call Supreme Auctions directly at 866-929-2243 or via email.

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