Guide to the Top Luxury Auctions in North America

October 13, 2015
luxury auctions

Luxury auctions provide the opportunity to purchase some very unique and beautiful items. You can find anything your heart desires, from the next Triple-Crown winner to a fabulous piece of artwork. You may even purchase a dream property at auction from one of the most affluent real estate companies in the nation. Even if you do not find what you are looking for or if you are outbid, there are plenty of other reasons to attend a luxury auction. They are a great place to mingle and network. Top auctions offer excellent food and drink selections and an enjoyable time that is worth your while.

Consistently missing out on auctions might mean that you miss the opportunity to own excellent property or rare collector cars. You may let a one of a kind piece of artwork slip through your fingers simply by staying home rather than attending an auction for an evening. For this reason, it is important that you know which auctions are the very top in the nation and cater to individuals who like the finer things in life, such as yourself. Never miss an auction, or an opportunity, again with this guide to the top luxury auctions in North America.

Christie’s: The Art People

If you like art, or simply like to hang colorful images on the walls of your home, you will love Christie’s. They auction the finest pieces of art that you will find on this side of the world and pride themselves on providing unparalleled expertise and exceptional service. The interior of the auction house is glamorous, and you are sure to feel right at home. They auction off everything from wine, collectables, photographs, jewelry, fine art and pieces from more than 80 additional categories. Christie’s hosts 450 elite auctions throughout the year, so if you miss one, do not worry, another will soon roll around.

For those who would like to sell their own collections, Christie’s boasts an extended history of success with private sales. This auction company is truly a global presence with offices throughout the entire world.

Barrett-Jackson: The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions

No one can claim to truly love high-end cars if they have not been to one of the prestigious Barrett-Jackson luxury auto auctions. Though Barrett-Jackson auctions can be attended by anyone, they do offer an excellent VIP experience package. This will allow you to attend the opening night gala, sit in the VIP floor section, experience the VIP tour, have access to the hospitality suite and much, much more. You will see virtually every kind of vehicle that you can image cross the auction block and have the opportunity to purchase any that you desire.

Keeneland Yearling Sale

Each September, the rich and adventurous set their eyes on Keeneland in Lexington, Kentucky for their annual Yearling Sale. This event brings the world’s most promising yearling race horses to auction. If you have ever wanted to get into the world of horse racing, this is the best place to start. The event is much more than a sale; it is the largest and most important horse auction in North America.

Supreme Auction Luxury Real Estate Auctions

For all your luxury real estate needs, Supreme Auctions is the ultimate auction house to buy and sell luxury real estate. Although traditional home buying may be what you’re used to, wait until you experience the excitement at one of the many no-reserve luxury property auctions Supreme Auctions hosts throughout the year. This unique home buying experience allows you to see some of the most beautiful homes and have the opportunity to make one or more of them yours. They make it very easy to stay up to date with upcoming auctions with their Auction Alerts. Click here to sign up today.


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