How Luxury Real Estate Auctions Generate Buyers & Get Results

February 11, 2013

Are you looking for an effective way to sell your luxury property? By now, you have probably heard all of the recent buzz surrounding luxury real estate auctions. Well, if you’re the owner of a high-end property or are looking to get into the luxury property market, we have some great news. These luxury auction events aren’t just for rare artwork, vintage automobiles or other priceless assets, yet the same people who buy these unique one-of-a-kind exceptional items also buy luxury real estate. In fact, Supreme Auctions has helped usher in a new paradigm shift in luxury property sales and marketing: Luxury Real Estate Auction Company

How A Supreme Auctions Luxury Real Estate Auction Can Sell Your Property

Have you ever been to a real estate auction that’s elective and not forced by a financial crisis in the seller’s life? There is a reason why both buyers and sellers are attracted to this process. As with rare artwork, there are often no comparable to set a value, so too, with distinctive one-of-a-kind properties, they are well positioned for the auction process, enabling buyers to set the market value.

Supreme Auctions sellers and buyers are taking full advantage of the auction platform; they are attracted to our Accelerated Marketing Program as a method of selling, not because the properties are in distress. Supreme Auctions process is very transparent and independent, free from lengthy negotiations. Every buyer receives the same information, including the option of a due diligence packet, an opportunity to view the property before the auction, conduct any inspection of their own and an opportunity to bid in an open environment. Plus, there are no contingencies in the sale, making them particularly attractive to sellers and buyers alike.

According to Maverick Commins, President of Supreme Auctions, “Buyers are attracted by the level playing field that results from transparency and sellers take comfort in knowing that Supreme Auctions’ primary objective is to obtain the best price for their property.”

Commins continued, “There is an education process that we go through with real estate professionals, sellers and buyers, dispelling certain myths about the industry, particularly the notion that an auction is a last resort. That is simply no longer true, in many cases a Luxury Real Estate Auction will stimulate the market.”

The real estate business is typically a pretty traditional business, most full of negotiations and contingencies. A luxury high-end property worth millions has a limited amount of buyers as it is, attracting these buyers through a Luxury Real Estate Auction is very effective. Supreme Auctions provide the solution to generate activity through their luxury real estate auctions.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona with new offices in Orlando, Atlanta and Hermosa Beach, Supreme Auctions is well positioned and well versed in the top luxury real estate markets from east to west coast. To learn more about our upcoming auctions, how to qualify as a buyer or to schedule a complimentary consultation for your luxury property, visit or call 866-929-2243 for the office nearest you.

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