How to Buy Kentucky Horse Property with Farmland At Auction

May 24, 2015

kentucky horse property with farmlandAre you looking for Kentucky Horse Property with Farmland? Whether you’re in the market for thoroughbred-worthy bluegrass pastures, or just a small spread for you and your beloved horses to enjoy, there are many exciting farms to choose from in Kentucky. If you’re like most buyers, however, you’re not looking forward to the hassle of finding the right property and going through the emotional rollercoaster of escrow, perhaps only to find out the deal won’t be going through after all.

If you want Kentucky horse property with farmland quickly, without all that hassle, you should consider buying at auction. Not all auctions are created equal, however. Some properties are auctioned off because of a defaulted mortgage or legal reasons, and often these properties bring their own hassle-filled baggage with them. More and more owners of high-end property, however, are selling their homes at special kinds of auctions. These auctions are luxury no reserve absolute auctions, which means that the highest bidder will walk away the new owner, regardless of price – there is no minimum. Supreme Auctions specializes in luxury absolute no reserve auctions.

Benefits of a Luxury Absolute No Reserve Auction

One of the benefits of buying Kentucky horse property with farmland at luxury no reserve absolute auction is how fast the process is. Generally speaking, a Supreme Auctions property will have an open house viewing around one month prior to the auction. Once the auction is over, the transaction is scheduled to close within one month, so two months after you fall in love with your dream equestrian property, you could begin enjoying your purchase.

Are You Ready to Buy?

This rapid and transparent process saves both buyers and sellers from the grueling process of a traditional real estate purchasing process. That means, however, that potential buyers need to have any necessary financing lined up prior to bidding. Supreme Auctions properties sell without contingencies.

It also means that you should be absolutely sure that this is the property for you. There will not be much time to “think things through” once bidding begins, like there is in the traditional real estate buying process. Make sure you go to the property’s open house previews, read all of the materials the auction house gives you, and do your own research.

If you’re looking for Kentucky horse property for sale at auction, you could start your search by checking out the 129-acre property Supreme Auctions is offering on June 6th, 2015. It features thousands of plantation trees, plenty of grazing land, and wooded areas that provide both a beautiful ride and a valuable investment in timber. Already built on the property are a main shop with three garage door bays, an attached one-bedroom apartment, and a stable with three stalls and a tack room. Power and plumbing lines have also been run to a home site, making the property perfect for future growth and the ranch house of your dreams.

Begin the process of purchasing this Kentucky horse property for sale at luxury absolute no reserve auction today by calling Supreme Auctions at (866) 929-2243 or send an email.

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