How to Buy Mansions for Sale in Texas in Under 5 Minutes

January 19, 2017
Mansions for Sale in Texas

If you can’t wait to find the perfect mansion for sale in Texas, we don’t blame you! There’s a certain excitement of the hunt when searching for the perfect property, then there’s the anticipation of moving in and starting your new life in your new home. Unfortunately, in between there’s often a lot of haggling, negotiation, and waiting for Escrow to go through. Not only can the whole process be frustrating, but it can take months or even years to complete.

That is, if you buy mansions for sale in Texas the traditional way. But what if there were a way to buy an elegant estate in just five minutes? No, that wasn’t a typo. With Supreme Auctions events, you could be the proud owner of a luxury home in just five minutes. Here’s how.

Five Minutes to Owning a Mansion

On auction days, there’s a palpable buzz in the air as potential buyers gather in the mansion. Bidders check in and have the opportunity to explore the home further and ask any last-minute questions about the estate. After that, it’s down to business.

There is no minimum bid at a Supreme Auctions event. That means the bidders themselves set the fair market price for the home as they raise their paddles and promise dollar amounts. It also means that bids begin the moment the auction does. There’s no awkward opening minutes wasted while the auctioneer awaits a satisfactory bid. Most of our auctions last just five edge-of-your-seat minutes.

Preparing for the Auction

To ensure that every bidder is prepared to end their day the proud new owner of a mansion for sale in Texas, we prepare a whole host of materials, including maps, demographics, zoning information, seller disclosure, inspection, floor plans, and more to assist buyers in understanding every facet of the property in question. We also require proof of funding before the auction begins so no time is wasted after the auction closes. In fact, most of our sales are scheduled to close within 30 days. Our record is just 10 days.

Texas Mansion for Sale

So what kinds of properties can you expect to see at a Supreme Auctions event? We only offer the highest caliber estates, such as Regency Woods. This home in The Woodlands, Texas is just moments from two world-class golf courses at The Club at Carlton Woods. It features fine details like groin and exposed wood beam ceilings, three separate kitchens, and spectacular entertaining spaces such as the huge outdoor terrace, the inner courtyard with a pool and spa, and expansive covered lanai, and the formal dining, living, and wet bar areas. Find more mansions for sale in Texas now!

Experience the Difference

Want to experience the excitement of a luxury no reserve absolute auction for yourself? As it happens, Regency Woods will go under the hammer on February 9th, 2017. To learn how you can name your own price for this mansion for sale in Texas (in just five minutes!), contact Supreme Auctions at (866) 929-2243 today.

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