How To Find Your Dream Vacation Home In Florida

February 4, 2014

While there’s no shortage of listings that tout their properties as a luxury vacation home in Florida, not every one is telling the God’s honest truth. So, how can you find your ultimate dream vacation home in Florida – and root out the pretenders? Here are a few simple tips.

Florida luxury vacation home finder’s tip #1: Stick to the most ‘beaten’ paths.

Where do you want to spend your vacation? Palm Coast, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Naples, Destin, the greater Miami area – these are the areas where developers have consistently built beautiful and luxurious vacation homes and communities, because that’s where there is the most demand. Sure, you might find a luxury vacation home in Florida in the middle of nowhere – but unless you want to live completely off of the grid, steer clear. Proximity and access to marinas, nightlife, great restaurants, golf courses, amusement parks, the highway and airports – these are just a few of the things that will help a luxury property hold onto its value and make it a more enjoyable place to visit or live.

Florida luxury vacation home finder’s tip #2: Know the local market.

Do yourself a favor and take a moment to really study the market. With so many MLS listings available online and recent home sales listed on sites like Zillow and Trulia, it’s fairly easy to get a rough sketch of what homes in any given area are worth to buyers. If the house you’ve got your eyes on is exorbitantly overpriced or shockingly underpriced, that can tell you a lot about the home, the willingness of the seller to part with it for a fair price. For example, if a home has languished on the market for months with an inflated price tag and not budged, that owner might be underwater and not willing to negotiate. Conversely, if you can see that a property’s price has fallen considerably recently, that owner might finally be ready to play ball.

Florida luxury vacation home finder’s tip #3: Consider a luxury real estate auction.

Sure, you can work with a real estate agent and go from house to house, bid and counterbid, lose out on a few homes and finally wind up in the house of your dreams – perhaps years from now…or, you could try something decidedly different. One of the most exciting developments in the luxury real estate market of late – for both buyers and sellers – is the boom of luxury real estate absolute auctions. Buyers who qualify can bid as little or as much as they want on these homes – and stand the chance to walk away with the keys to that luxury property for competitive, if not unheard of, prices. Sellers also enjoy knowing that their home won’t sit on the market for inordinate amounts of time and that the folks bidding on their home actually have the means to buy it. For example, one luxury vacation home in Florida is being sold this way – selling with no reserve on February 6th. Nestled in the Ocean Hammock Community of Palm Coast, FL, this six bedroom, six and a half bath home sits right on the Atlantic with private beach access and comes with an assortment of resort-like amenities both within the home and in the gated community itself.

To learn more about this opportunity to own a dream vacation home at your own price, contact Supreme Auctions at 866-929-2243 or send a message online here.

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