How to Maximize Your Home’s True Market Value

November 18, 2019

The look of exceptional elegance and character in a master-planned gated community, sky-high condo or secluded forest property is step one to selling your luxury property. Meticulously and well-planned renovations can maximize your home’s true market value, especially when selling through a luxury real estate auction to maximize its price

A good appraiser can inform you of your home’s market value so you know how much your home is worth. Knowing this, you can make sound decisions that will put money back into your pocket.

Supreme Auctions offers transparency in every luxury home auction that they conduct by maximizing the true market value. This is achieved through their Accelerated Marketing Program that attracts, engages and motivates ready willing and able buyers that come prepared to bid and buy, maximizing the sale price of your home.

Forbes notes the importance of spending within your market value. If your home is valued at $3.5 million and you purchased it for $3.3 million, consider capping renovations below $200,000.

Increase Your Curb Appeal

Imagine pulling up to a European style villa with immaculate window arches, distinctive coloring and a large wooden front door that invites you in. Everything is spectacular, but the lawn is a sea of green without any statement pieces or flowers in sight. A Virginia Tech Study on the effect of landscaping on a property’s value found that bare landscaping reduces the market value of a home.

Add a sophisticated walkway to your front door for character creating a natural line for your eye to follow. Custom paving can capture the style of your home while making a lasting impression that sets your home apart. Installing lights to illuminate the path at night is a small step with a big payoff in the eyes of buyers. Once the walkway is updated, a world or opportunity is available to you.

Custom Luxury Landscaping

European style gardens offer organic symmetry and balance that is essential to creating a unique outdoor living experience without overstimulating your senses. Parterre Gardens utilize gravel pathways around carefully designed floral arrangements that weave and knot together along a path to make your garden stroll a colorful experience.

Rose gardens are gaining popularity. The symbol of luxury and wealth, a rose says more than any other flower could about your property. Virtually any style of home will benefit from the contributions a rose garden makes to the area.

In most cases, less is more. Spacing greenery along a walkway makes the space feel less claustrophobic and sleek. A multitude of matching warm colors invite people to walk up the drive, so consider reds and purples to contrast with green hedges, trees and bushes.

Waterfalls, Fountains and Pools

Virtually every luxury home has a custom swimming pool that was specifically designed to support the home’s architecture while aesthetically blending in with the outdoor environment. Make this staple piece of your luxury property a statement by adding in a waterfall.

A waterfall cascading down a natural stone wall adds to the sensual experience of being outside. Your ears are immersed with the sound of water running softly into your pool turns your backyard into an oasis. The installation adds depth to the area so your eyes do not wander over the flat expanse of water.

A fountain in the center of your front drive, near your front door or nestled into your garden adds a new dimension to your landscaping. It breaks up the green and stands tall among the flowers while adding a sense of extravagance to any area.

Kitchen, Bathroom and Interior Renovations

Unsurprisingly, your home’s kitchen and bathroom are under the most scrutiny from buyers. Traditional style kitchens are commonly the most costly and sought after, followed by contemporary and transitional, according to Home Stratosphere.

A large custom kitchen island with a marble or granite countertop is perfect for entertaining. Set the island apart by installing a sink or updating the paint to keep your kitchen feeling functional and clean.

Kitchen cabinets are usually custom-made from high-end woods like cherry or ebony, known for their rich colors and textures. Intricately carved faces or molding perfectly accented by handles can pull together any kitchen. Glass faced or open cabinetry can add flair and make the space feel more open.

Stainless steel smart appliances, plenty of lighting and a tile backsplash are a must-have in any kitchen. A full double-sided refrigerator, two sets oven, a faucet for filling pots near the stovetop and plenty of storage will set your kitchen apart.

Bathroom Renovations

Spa-worthy bathrooms will increase your market value instantly. A bathroom is more than just a bath, shower, sink and toilet or marble counters. Natural stones, freestanding tubs and glamorous designs are found in nearly every luxury home on the market.

Instead of focusing on the look of the room, turn it into a tech savvy retreat. Heated flooring eliminates discomfort of cold tiles in the morning, steam showers make it easy to relax your muscles and remote-controlled toilets that features a bidet, a nightlight and self-cleaning functions will drastically improve the room’s efficiency and appeal.


A home that looks appealing from the outside is the most tried and true way to increase its true market value. Outdoor features add an unbeatable sense of style and function while adding to the value of your property.

Polishing the staples of the home – the kitchen and the bathroom – make your home’s true market value  stand apart from the crowd.

Sellers can find all the resources they need to ensure their home sells quickly and for the right price through Supreme Auctions’s step-by-step guide through the auction process.

If you are ready to sell your luxury property, contact Supreme Auctions today to see if your home qualifies for our accelerated marking program.


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