How To Make The International Home Buying Process Easy

October 30, 2015
international home buying process

The international real estate market is booming, especially in countries that offer buyers the same benefits as native home owners, like Costa Rica. Whether your country of choice offers benefits to foreign investors or not, you can make the international home buying process easier and faster by taking the following steps.

Preparing to Invest

In whatever country you decide to start the international home buying process, you can make it easier on yourself by hiring a real estate agent with experience in the country of interest. You’ll also want to get your finances in order. Loans can be far more difficult to obtain when buying foreign real estate, so if possible, have funds already available to you. Either way, make sure you have a way to convert funds into the local currency quickly.

Is A Luxury Auction Right for You?

If going through escrow is a roller coaster ride in your own country, you can imagine how complicated the international home buying process can be. It might be years before that little slice of paradise is truly yours. If you’re ready to own foreign property now, then a no reserve absolute auction might be your best option.

At a no reserve absolute auction:

  • The seller is ready to sell today. There’s no negotiating and no cold feet.
  • You name your own price for what you think the home is worth, so you know you’re getting a fair market price.
  • The highest bidder wins the auction, no matter what the final price; there is no minimum bid.
  • The closing process is considerably faster than the traditional real estate buying process.

Finding Worthy Property

If a luxury no reserve absolute auction sounds like it’s for you, why not check out the upcoming events at Supreme Auctions? Currently, we are offering four stunning eco-luxury homes in the Guanacaste province in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is one of the most stable economies in Central America, and the government treats foreign home buyers just like locals. Plus, the homes of Nirvana Sanctuary located on the Nicoya Peninsula in Nosara are just minutes from the best surfing beaches in the world. Revel in native hardwood finishes, contemporary lines, and soaring windows with breathtaking views at every angle. Enjoy the resort lifestyle and the comfort of knowing your home is eco-friendly and energy efficient.

The best part is that you can purchase one or all of these homes at luxury no reserve absolute auction with a process that closes in just 30 days. To learn how you can have a slice of paradise in an easy international home buying process, call Supreme Auctions directly at (866) 929-2243 or email us with your questions.

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