Is An Equestrian Property with Farmland A Smart Investment?

May 27, 2015

equestrian property with farmland

Many corporate executives and other professional’s dream of owning an equestrian property with farmland as a way add some peace and relaxation to their lives. But peace of mind doesn’t come easily if you’re fretting over whether you’ve made a smart investment or not. Can you rest easy owning such a property? We think so.

The Increasing Value of Land

The value of land almost always appreciates. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service  database, agricultural land values out performed domestic stocks and bonds on an annualized basis by more than 4% from 1970-2009. And that’s just if you let the land sit. If you plant, you can feed your family, the organic market, or do more large-scale farming. To take advantage of all this, you’ll want lots of acreage in a fertile climate. The south and Midwest are great locations.

Maximizing Your Land

If you find the right property, it can be an incredible investment. Not only will you and your gentle giants enjoy an equestrian property, but many larger properties come with added benefits. Farmland is just the tip of the iceberg . You’ll want to make sure you’ve got plenty of pastureland, of course. Depending on where you buy, however, you may also find other value on your land. Riding trails are not only enjoyable for you and your family, but provide a financial opportunity to share your love of horses with customers who want to learn to ride. Your land might also include timber, which is always a high commodity. With the right property, the possibilities are endless.

A Look to the Future

A good investment is always about looking to the future. Even if you begin utilizing your land right away for farming, timber, or equestrian pursuits, your investment will take time to grow. You’ll need to always look toward the future. Lots of land in fertile or developing areas is a great investment, but try to find a property that offers additional perks as well. Ideally, the property will have features that will help you get started now, like existing, well-built structures or groundwork for future structures. While owning land can begin paying off in just a few years, it’s ultimately a long-term investment.

The Ideal Equestrian Property with Farmland

Investing in an equestrian property with farmland is a no-brainer. The real hassle can come during the buying process – that is, if you’re making your purchase through the traditional process. If you want to avoid that rollercoaster of emotion that going through escrow and negotiating with a seller can bring, consider buying your equestrian property with farmland at no reserve absolute auction.

Supreme Auctions specializes in this process and will be hosting an auction for a 129-acre property in Bowling Green, KY on June 6th, 2015. The highest bidder will walk away the proud new owner of rolling hills, pastures, riding trails, and $50,000-$60,000 of timber. The property also has an existing insulated stable with three stalls, a main shop with attached apartment, and a 1.5-acre fenced-in exercise area, as well as a home site complete with power and water lines for future building projects. To get in on the incredible opportunity to name your price for this equestrian property with farmland, call Supreme Auctions at (866) 929-2243 or send a direct email.

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