Latest Luxury Home Living Trends for the Ultra Affluent

October 20, 2015

luxury homeThis could be the year that you own the luxury home of your dreams. If you are tired of your current surroundings, want to purchase an additional home or feel that it is time to reward yourself with a new space to enjoy, now is the time to read up on the latest trends and decide what standards you would like for your home. Even if you have very unique and particular tastes, knowing exactly what you like in a space most of the time, there could be a few new trends that you have not yet seen.

Be sure to conduct your own research and ask your architect and builder plenty of questions. If you have friends or family members who have built or remodeled homes recently, give them a call and ask what they love, do not love and wish they could do differently. Also, some of those very awesome, high tech features that you think are fantastic might not be worth their hefty price tag. Draft a realistic budget and make cuts in the areas that you know will be wasted spending.

To help you to get on your way towards owning your next dream home, here are some of the latest luxury housing trends that experts are seeing and recommending to their most affluent clients.

Traditional Meets Contemporary

Virtually every new large home that is being built by the top builders in the nation have an open floor plan that boasts ceilings of various heights. This layout might not seem so modern with the trending look of tradition that most new luxury houses hold dear. Even the homes that present a contemporary appearance still seem to weave in old-school touches. You might see this through the use of colors and materials, as well as small architectural accents. Homes are very clean cut and simple, streamlined and refined. The style is described as contemporary without the sharp edges that can make the space seem cold.

Size-Conscience is In

More and more clients are keeping size in mind when building or buying a new home. Some are loving the look and functionality of the ranch-style, single story house, especially empty nesters or those who will be living on their own. Of course, to make a single story house work, you must have the appropriate size lot. Clients who have smaller lots can make the most of their space by building up rather than out.

Many architects are creating innovative layouts that combine the best of both worlds, such as true single story homes that have just one or two rooms that can be accessed via a staircase, that make the most of luxury home living. As you plan your space, consider how much room you will really need. You can save costs by cutting space and redirect funds elsewhere — like a new car to put in the garage.

Bigger Bathrooms

Builders are noticing an additional trend in the wants and needs of their most affluent clients: large master bathrooms . People are realizing that they are spending less waking time in the actual master bedroom and more time in their stunning bathroom. For this reason, the rooms are often made smaller and bathrooms are being redesigned to the ultimate levels of luxury. Do not forget that you will need a knock-out closet in the mix somewhere. Clients are preferring much larger closets in their modern homes to complete their luxury living space.

Skip the Media Room and Get an Elevator

In the past, media rooms were all the rage in contemporary affluent homes , but that is not the case today. Technology has paved the way to make basically any room in the house a media room at any moment. For this reason, you should skip the media room and add another feature that will be more valuable and useful in your home: an elevator. Yes, when your builder asks if you would prefer this small detail, you do need it. You will find that an elevator is a luxury feature that you will enjoy using.


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