Location, Location, Location: How Much Does It Matter?

February 26, 2020

In real estate, three things matter when it comes to selling your luxury home: location, location, location. The convenience of being close to shops, restaurants, schools, transportation, or the luxury of looking out at pristine ocean views or a mountain range from your living or bedroom windows are key factors in the minds of buyers. Location does matter, however selecting a reputable luxury real estate auction firm, like Supreme Auctions, will only enhance the sale price of the home in a good location.

Supreme Auctions President Jennie Heal revealed that a time-tested marketing strategy does not always need to be altered to match a luxury property’s location. If the marketing plan is strategic, it will perform well no matter where the home is located. Here is why.

A Strategic Marketing Plan is Unique to Your Home

Supreme Auctions Marketing Division invests time into your luxury property to create a unique marketing plan. Their foundational techniques are consistent, however, what is marketed is vastly different as no two luxury homes are alike.

Supreme Auctions begins the process by thoroughly vetting your luxury property to gauge its probability of it selling at or above its true market value.

When it comes to Supreme Auctions’ proven Accelerated Marketing Program, location can help predict the selling price and will enable Supreme Auctions to know your luxury home’s market value. A professionally executed marketing plan will take location into account. It will also expand the buyer pool to get more motivated eyes on your luxury home.

If your luxury home qualifies for Supreme Auctions’ Accelerated Marketing program, they will expose your home to their buyer database of over 300,000 to make your home readily available to qualified buyers.

The end result is a customized marketing strategy that is as unique as your house is.

Client Relationships Trump Location

Whether your luxury home is in Honolulu, Houston, Atlanta or New York City; Supreme Auctions will treat you with the same level of respect and care as every luxury home before it.

As President of Supreme Auctions, Jennie Heal said, “We are not going to change our process or give you less of a one-on-one experience based on location. A home is a home; it is a process, it is the core of what we do. It does not matter where you are, we can assist you in getting your home sold. The bonus is that we can achieve the sale in under 45 days.”

Supreme Auctions values nothing more than their relationship with you. The sale always comes second to their transparency, building trust, and mutual respect between their staff and the clients. No matter where you and your luxury home are located, they only partner with like-minded sellers and agents who recognize the value a reputable luxury auction company, like Supreme Auctions, has to offer. When Supreme Auctions agrees to partner with you to sell your luxury home at auction, it means they will treat you like family, no matter where you live.

Their partnerships extend beyond sellers, too. Supreme Auctions partners with luxury agents and their brokerages to give them the opportunity to utilize their Accelerated Marketing Program. Agents, no matter if they represent the seller or buyer, will receive full commission.

Where Location Does Matter

While location should not play a significant role in how you are treated as a client, it does play a key role in your home’s true market value. Your luxury home’s market value is dependent on its location. For instance, some of the top luxury home locations in Miami-Dade County in Florida are Indian Creek, Fisher Island, and Bal Harbour. Average luxury home values in these areas range from $14.32 million in Indian Creek and $3.01 million in Fisher Island.

This is all due to the homes’ location: Indian Creek is a luxury residential community with an estimated 41 homes on a small island just north of Miami Beach. Residents enjoy 180-degree pristine ocean views in one of America’s most affluent communities. To compare, Fisher Island is a private island located on a barrier island with a population of just under 500. The island is only accessible by boat, ferry or helicopter; no bridges connect the island to the mainland, which is 3 miles away.

Location matters due to future appreciating value. Selling your home in a location that is highly sought after will more readily make it attractive to subsequent buyers.

If you choose to sell your high-end home at auction, a reputable company such as Supreme Auctions will ensure your home is marketed correctly and expose it to the right qualified buyers. If you are interested in utilizing Supreme Auctions’ Accelerated Marketing Program to sell your luxury home, contact them today.

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