Luxury Home Trends: Lighting Designers

December 20, 2021
Lighting Designers

Every inch of a luxury home is masterfully designed and crafted to fit the lifestyle of those who live in it; from the great wooden beams and colonnades, right down to the lighting in each room. More and more, the luxury real estate industry is turning to lighting designers to bring out the best in an interior design scheme and illuminates architectural features that may have otherwise been glossed over.

On top of that, lighting design creates a welcoming atmosphere and makes practical household tasks easier to accomplish. That is why in today’s Supreme Auctions blog, we are highlighting the latest luxury home trend: lighting designers and lighting design

The Power of Lighting Designers 

A lighting designer is a specialist of interior design who prioritizes the look of your home and the architect’s function over all else. They consider which lighting scheme — what mix of ambient, functional, and accent lighting — will work best in every room of your high-end home. A lighting designer goes beyond that too and considers who will be using each room and how the lighting will play a part in their day-to-day lives. 

The more knowledge a lighting designer has of the products and technologies available, the more imaginative they can be in the schemes they design for you.


Why Work with a Lighting Designer? 

It may seem outrageous to think of a room without adequate lighting, but it is more common than you may think, especially when the emphasis is placed on natural light. Many architects do not hire lighting designers, which means the focus of the room is generally well-lit, but some features of the room will be overlooked, or the lighting fixture will be chosen without regard to how function it will be to the room it is in. 

As we mentioned before, good lighting can enhance interior design and highlight a home’s architectural features. While an architect may highlight the areas they are most proud of, a lighting designer brings those areas to life using a variety of tools, such as: 

  • Recessed lighting
  • Pendants 
  • Wall sconces
  • Art Lighting
  • Track and Pin Spot Lighting

All of these are strategically thought out and placed to achieve the desired effect. Remember, it is less about lighting a room adequately, and more about creating a layered lighting scheme that compliments the space in a functional and beautiful way. 

Lighting designers can also help you avoid common mistakes, such as casting a shadow over your kitchen counters while you try to cook, or a harsh glare over your desk. They foresee these problems and ensure they do not make it into your home. 

Lighting Trends to Consider in Your Luxury Home in 2022

On top of all that, lighting designers are aware of current trends in the industry and market. Some of these trends are as follows. 

Bulbs and Dimmers

A lighting designer will know what type of bulb will work best in your home. LEDs have taken over the industry due to their longevity and energy efficiency, but they also create design challenges due to their lack of industry standard. 

For example, LEDs offer up to six different dimming methods and each have a separate dimmer. Lighting designers will know what works and what doesn’t for each room. This means avoiding the risk of poor dimming and, in the worst case scenario, fires from inappropriate setups. 

Color Temperature

Lighting can range in color from a warm amber-like tone to a crisp, cool blue-white. Every lightbulb will have their color range printed on the box — measured in degrees Kelvin (K) — along with how much light it provides. 

Anything 3000K or lower is considered warm, and anything above 4000 is considered cool. A rating of 3500K is neutral and can look either cool or warm, depending on the room it is in. Lighting designers can help you choose the right color based on the time of day you most use the space, what you do in it and the room’s décor. 

What color temperature you choose is highly dependent on the style of your home. For example, a modern luxury home will benefit from blue-white lighting, while rustic styles are better highlighted with warmer tones. 


There are many varieties of fixtures available on the market. So much so, that it is easy to get overwhelmed and pick the wrong one or settle for recessed lighting.

Expected 2022 trends in the luxury market are: 

  • Brass finishes
  • Metallic and marble floor lamps
  • Minimalist wall sconces in bathrooms
  • Geometric chandeliers 
  • Clean lines
  • Bigger pendant lights
  • Handmade pendant lights
  • Smart lighting (dimmers, timers, and color changing bulbs)



Lighting designers like that of Lynne Stambouly of Illuminated Design will help you stay on top of these trends, as well as create a timeless look for your home so you will not have to worry about swapping out every light fixture when it is time to sell your luxury home. You also will not have to worry about over-lighting a room either — a light designer will know exactly the right fixture and the right amount of light every room needs, which will eliminate unwanted shadows, glares, or a space being too-bright. 

Every room in your luxury home should contain a well-balanced lighting scheme that showcases a room without retracting from its functionality. That is why this luxury home design trend is vital to your home and your family’s lifestyle.

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