Luxury Real Estate Agents Benefit When Partnering With Supreme Auctions

February 19, 2020

We are better together, that is why Supreme Auctions does not compete with agents. We partner with you to create the best possible experience for your seller. Instead of taking over the sale, we work together to increase the probability of achieving a sale through an accelerated marketing period and transparent luxury real estate auction process.

It does not matter if you represent a buyer or seller. We offer unparalleled service as it is our goal to ensure that you and your client have a positive and rewarding experience with us.

Working With A Seller

If you represent a seller, our services increase the probability of your client’s luxury home selling at or above market value in an expedited amount of time. We will utilize our Accelerated Marketing Program to draw motivated buyers to your property.

Proficient marketing of your luxury property is essential to securing the sale of your high-end home. To put it simply, if a buyer does not know that your home is for sale, then how can they act? Beyond that, a well-executed strategic marketing plan will expose the property and circumvent the sluggish luxury real estate market.

For instance, Manhattan’s luxury real estate market began the year with price cuts and a lower-than-average number of sales. The second week of January saw 15 sales priced at $4 million or more, which is below the healthy benchmark of 20 sales per week. The 15 luxury homes also saw an average price decrease of 17% by the time the high-end homes went under contract.

Supreme Auctions proprietary Accelerated Marketing Program eliminates price cuts and lingering time on the market, by creating a timeline and sense of urgency for qualified buyers to act. Our auction history track record speaks for itself — in 2019, we achieved a 96% success rate, which is the highest among the luxury real estate auction industry.

For an example of our success, see the Clarksbridge Equestrian Estate in Gainesville, Georgia. The luxury property was on the market for 5 years prior to the seller and agent partnering with Supreme Auctions. By utilizing our Accelerated Marketing Program, the home sold in 29 days. The $3.2 million closing bid marked the highest sale in the greater Gainesville area since 2007.

When you partner with us, you receive your full commission at the close of escrow.

Working With Buyers

If you and your client attend an auction hosted by Supreme Auctions, you can be sure that the seller is highly motivated to sell their luxury home. Every seller we work with is motivated and further willing and able to accept fair market value for their property.

Every interested party has the opportunity to preview the property well ahead of auction day, including that of reviewing all documentation and an opportunity to conduct any due diligence on the home prior to bidding. All of our auctions are conducted live onsite, allowing for one final tour of the property before bidding commences.

During the auction, professionals will be onsite to offer their assistance and answer any questions you or your client may have.

If your client is the successful winning bidder on auction day, they will complete the purchase documents and closing will take place in 30 days.

Partnerships Lead to Success

Supreme Auctions vows to establish a transparent and respectful relationship with you and your client while we partner with you. We will be dedicated to your client to sell their luxury home at market value and in an accelerated time frame.

Our past real estate broker and agent-client partnerships include luxury agents from east to west coast from Christie’s International affiliates, to Sotheby’s, Re/Max, Berkshire Hathaway, Keller Williams, numerous independent luxury brokerages and more. They have offered their testimonials and praise about our process.

If you are interested in learning more about us, want to register to bid for an upcoming auction, or would like to inquire if your client’s luxury home qualifies for our Accelerated Marketing Program, contact us today 888-929-2243 or visit us online at

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