Luxury Real Estate Marketing: Why You Should Choose a High-End Auction

September 15, 2019

When thinking of luxury real estate auctions many people’s thoughts are that they take place because of a bankruptcy or foreclosure situation. However, it is quite the opposite.The savvy homeowners are of the mind-set that why not place high-end real estate auctions in the same category as a Van Gogh painting sold at Sotheby’s or Christie’s Art Auction, or an exclusive collector automobile being sold at the world-renowned Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance® auction held by Gooding & Company? That is where these high-end unique properties truly belong. The luxury real estate auction process has quickly become the most dependable way to accelerate the sale of a high-end property without having it linger for months, or even years on the market. Because of this, luxury real estate auctions have seen remarkable growth over recent years. Now CEOs, surgeons, entrepreneurs, and celebrities alike are all participating in luxury property auctions, forgoing the traditional hurry up and wait method Luxury Property Auctions are no longer considered a last resort – they are a powerful real estate marketing tool and first option for homeowners and their agents.

If you are tired of waiting for a buyer for your unique luxury property, Supreme Auctions will work with you and your realtor to obtain the highest price possible for your home. By utilizing the accelerated marketing program for a luxury real estate auction, buyers will be driven to take action, resulting in the sale of your house. Luxury real estate auctions allow you, as a  property owner, to see the true market value of your home in the shortest amount of time as possible. And further, costly carrying expenses are eliminated due to a timely sale.

Accelerated Luxury Real Estate Marketing via Auction vs. Traditional Marketing

When compared to traditional real estate marketing, an accelerated marketing program with a global reach via a luxury property auction for a high-end home is a vastly different undertaking. Of course, price, location, and scarcity are all clear differentiators, and all of these factors must be kept in mind when marketing a luxury property. However, the core differences between the one that truly matters, comes down to the mentality of those who purchase luxury properties. Simply put, those individuals who purchase luxury homes do not feel an innate sense of urgency when it comes to buying a property. Often, this dramatically extends the period of time that luxury homes spend on the market. To counteract this, an accelerated marketing program of a luxury real estate auction, will create a sense of urgency for these buyers to take action.

Why You Should Auction Your Luxury Home

There are many reasons as to why an owner of a luxury home may decide to move away from the traditional real estate selling process to that of an accelerated sell via a luxury real estate auction. High-end properties are currently sitting on the traditional market for far longer periods of time than sellers and agents would prefer. Not only is this trying and time consuming, it comes with high carrying costs that accrue month after lingering month. Real estate auctions create an immense sense of urgency, which attracts the attention of high-level buyers and motivates them to take action. There are a multitude of benefits for sellers and their agents alike when deciding to auction a luxury property, a few of which include:

    • Global marketing exclusively featuring seller’s property
    • Seller sets timeline for buyers to take action
    • Time driven results in 45-days or less
    • Maximizes the property’s true market value
    • The Property is sold AS-IS with conditions of sale set in advance, eliminating negotiations

“Supreme Auctions has one of the highest success rates at 94% in the luxury real estate auction industry,” stated Jennie Heal, President of Supreme Auctions. “Luxury property auctions create an urgency for buyers to take action, that results in the sale of a unique high-end home within 45 days or less when selecting to work with Supreme Auctions. Buyers, sellers, and agents are attracted to our company due to our high-integrity, honesty and transparent process. When we are able to bring between 100-300 potential buyers through a property, our process drives them to take action and participate in the auction, resulting in selling the property for the highest price possible.”

Luxury real estate auctions create excitement around a high-end, and unique properties, all while creating attention and a timeline for buyers to act. This is something Traditional marketing simply is not able to achieve.

Traditional real estate marketing has its limits unlike the accelerated marketing process of a luxury property auction. After sitting on the market for months on end and running the risk of becoming stigmatized, homeowners are trending toward auctions. Instead of realtors lowering the homes listing price month after month, and year after year to appease potential buyers, auctions allow sellers to realize true market value. Don’t linger – sell your home today! Supreme Auctions accelerated marketing process has buyers fighting for your home. More buyers means more competition, and with more people bidding on your property, the true market value is maximized. Do not think of luxury real estate auctions as a last resort, but rather as the best way to sell a luxury property!

If you would like to learn more about selling your luxury property with Supreme Auctions, speak with an associate today to see if your home qualifies for our accelerated marketing process.

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