Luxury Travel: Cliff Diving in Hawaii

October 30, 2019

Thrill seekers can enjoy diving off the unique cliffs in Hawaii.

Are you a thrill seeker considering a luxurious vacation to Hawaii? Are you ready to take in all that nature has to offer on these beautiful islands? Imagine for a moment that you are standing on the rim overlooking a dormant volcano, surfing thirty foot waves on the north shores, experiencing the thrill of swimming with dolphins, or even plan to go cliff diving – this state has it all! When you vacation in Hawaii there are plenty of activities you will not want to miss, however one that is most popular is cliff diving. Ready to take the leap? Supreme Auctions is here to share some of the best places to jump off from to start your holiday.

Cliff Diving in Maui

Maui is one of the most beautiful of the Hawaii islands and has some of the most popular places for cliff jumping. Whether you want to observe divers or partake in the diving yourself, these cliffs below have some of the most beautiful views. Known for its stunning beaches and active whale populations you will want to take in all the island has to offer along with the following rock formations.

Twin Falls

Twin Falls is one of the lesser well known string of waterfalls in Maui. While the parking lot may be full do not let this stop you from enjoying a relaxing afternoon of cliff diving here. Twin Falls is a large area that is often uncrowded as you walk through the jungle. There are two main waterfalls, Ho’olawa nui (Big Ho’olawa) and Ho’olawa li’ili’i (Little Ho’olawa). These two have many smaller waterfalls in between them as you explore through the jungle; however, these are the two well known falls for diving.

Ho’olawa li’ili’i is also known as “Caveman” due to the falls spilling over what looks to be a prehistoric cave with vines covering the entrance. If you are looking for a perfect photo opportunity during your luxurious vacation these waterfalls are the area to do so.

Black Rock

Jutting out from a beautiful white sand beach stands a rock formation made from a block of lava. Appropriately named, Black Rock is a relatively easy jump. The formation isn’t too difficult to climb with natural platforms to choose from for the best height. However, we recommend using a lower platform if you are a less experienced jumper.

As you look out from the cliff you’re able to see the beautiful blue water, reefs below filled with schools of fish, and turtles swimming by. If you do not want to partake in the cliff jumping you can certainly watch others while you snorkel around the lively coral reefs.

Bridge at Seven Pools

If you are a true thrill seeker this jump is meant for you! Bridge at Seven Ponds sits in the Haleakala National Park with multiple pools of water and waterfalls throughout. With breathtaking scenery, this jump is not for the faint-of-heart from 75 feet in the air. While this is one of the most surreal National Parks in Hawaii you want to come prepared for one of the most exhilarating cliff jumps of your life.

Cliff Diving in Oahu

If you are searching for an extreme cliff diving thrill in Hawaii then Oahu is the island for you. However, these areas require more advanced swimmers and divers to take these leaps. As the heights of the cliffs rise so do the danger levels. If you want to join in on the fun no matter your experience level you can watch others dive off of the cliffs, as well as watch the wildlife from the tops of the rock formations.

Waimea Bay

Half submerged in the water and half on the white sandy beach this is a beautiful area to relax or enjoy an adventurous afternoon cliff diving. Although the water here may seem too shallow to cliff dive, it is in fact deep enough in most spots to jump into the water. While this is considered one of the safest cliffs to jump from in Oahu it is always wise to check the water and be sure you are clear of any potential rocks jutting out from below. Throughout the summer the water is clear blue giving you a full view of all the turtles and schools of fish swimming below the surface. Depending on your comfort level you can either dive in and enjoy swimming with the fish or watch from above.

Spitting Caves

One of the largest cliff jumps in Oahu dropping 70 feet to the water, Spitting Caves is one of the most exciting dives. Before taking this leap we recommend asking locals or frequent divers where to jump from and where to aim your land to avoid any rocks beneath the water.

Spitting Caves is also a great spot to whale watch during later months of the year. While you are relaxing here you will also see plenty of seals and turtles swimming about. This area can be one of the most beautiful to enjoy watching the wildlife as the cliffs spray white water below. However, we suggest being careful of rip tides and undertows here as these are common with the frequently spitting water into the ocean.

Cliff Diving in Hawaii

Although cliff diving in Hawaii has become increasingly popular over the years we do recommend safety first. If there are posted warning signs and “do not jump” signs Supreme Auctions ask and highly recommend that you listen to these for your own safety.

While we have only listed a few islands and cliffs in Hawaii there are an abundance of waterfalls to visit. If you find yourself seeking a luxury home from which to enjoy cliff diving in Hawaii and spend your days on the beach contact Supreme Auctions. We have a special understanding of the luxury real estate market and work with buyers and sellers to make exclusive properties available to you.


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