Should You Buy Your Next Mansion in Miami or Los Angeles?

October 11, 2016
mansion in Miami or Los Angeles

Thinking of buying a mansion in Miami or Los Angeles? While these two cities lie on opposite sides of the country, each beach city is known for its beautiful weather and incredible luxury homes. There are some distinct differences, however. Here’s what you should know before you choose.

Beaches and Weather

Who has the better beaches? Most people agree Miami wins this round. Not only are they more beautiful, but beaches on the east coast have much warmer water than the west coast due to the gulf stream.

As far as weather goes, most people would say LA has it better, but that really depends on your preference. The air in Los Angeles is much dryer and cooler than that of Miami. While that makes for some pleasanter summer days, it also means the vegetation isn’t nearly as lush. For your mansion in Los Angeles, that means higher water bills for landscaping, and pressure to conserve water by growing drought-resistant plants such as cactus and succulents. If it’s resort-style grounds you’re looking for, a mansion in Miami is the clear winner.


Who has the better culture? That’s completely a matter of preference. Los Angeles has a large Mexican population. It’s also been heavily influenced by Asian cultures, so you’ll be able to find the perfect burrito and the perfect bowl of pho. Miami, on the other hand, boasts a heavily Caribbean-influenced culture. For the best jerk chicken and Cuban food and music, you can’t beat Miami.

Cost of Living

While neither city will be making the cheapest places to live list anytime soon, Miami is considerably cheaper. In general, Miami sits at 119% of the national average, with housing at 144%. Meanwhile, Los Angeles averages an overall score of 164%. When you look at the cost of housing (a whopping 280% of the national average!) you’ll see why.

Real Estate

With such a difference in housing costs, you might think there are simply better mansions in Los Angeles. Sure, Hollywood Land is home to plenty of the rich and famous, but LA is where they work. Where do they play? Cities like Miami, where there are still plenty of luxurious, opulent estates for sale.

Take Villa Dwora, for example. This extraordinary mansion in Miami was built around monumental live oak and banyan trees, each more than 100 years old – something most LA residents wouldn’t even dream of doing. Villa Dwora mixes sophistication with a tropical retreat, featuring both fine details like Baccarat and Schonbek crystal chandeliers alongside koi ponds and a palapa-style gazebo. All the amenities, such as a sparkling pool, two-story pool house, chefs kitchen, and luxurious master suite provide everything you need to enjoy the Miami lifestyle. Even better, this estate will be available at a luxury absolute no reserve auction on October 27th.

Still can’t decide between a mansion in Los Angeles or Miami? Contact us or call Supreme Auctions at (866) 929-2243 today for a Villa Dwora brochure, and let us help you narrow it down.

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