How to Buy Mansions in Florida at Auction (Step-by-Step Guide)

October 6, 2016
Mansions in Florida

Florida is home to crystal blue waters, sandy beaches, sunshine and mansions. Thousands of glorious, luxurious mansions. In fact, a number of them are on the market right now; many of which have been on for a year or (more likely) longer. It’s not because they aren’t masterpieces of craftsmanship and elegance or that there aren’t any buyers. Most of these estates have absolutely nothing wrong with them… so why do they sit there? It’s because the traditional real estate purchasing process is slow, tedious, and often doesn’t serve either the buyer or the seller’s best interests. The quicker, more efficient way for serious buyers to purchase mansions in Florida is through auction.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to doing just that.

Step 1: Find Your Dream Home

Auctions are not very common. While people often think that buying a home at auction means the home is in foreclosure or the owners had legal trouble, that’s often not the case. Many sellers simply want to sell quickly so they can purchase a new home, move on with their lives and/ore avoid paying high carrying costs. The best way to find an auction is to do an internet search with keywords like “luxury real estate auction in Florida” or “Florida mansions for sale at auction.”

Step 2: Do Your Research

Not every auction company is created equal. Once you find your dream home, vet the company holding the auction to ensure they are ethical and successful. Look for reviews or testimonials from both satisfied sellers and buyers. Call your real estate agent and ask him or her to look over the company and ask colleagues what they’ve heard.

Step 3: Prepare for the Big Day

Make sure you ask plenty of questions and go over any materials the auction company provides about the property. Then get your finances in order. Most auctions require proof of sufficient funding before the event to ensure all bidders are properly prepared to make the purchase.

Step 4: Outbid the Competition!

It’s okay to get excited on auction day. What happens here could change your life! Review the auction process so you’re ready as soon as the auctioneer takes the stage, then enjoy the thrill of outbidding other buyers!

Step 5: Wrap it Up

If you win the auction, you may be asked to sign paperwork the very same day to help get your purchase started right away. Closing times vary. With Supreme Auctions, for example, you can expect to close in 30 days or fewer.

Still Dreaming?

Welcome to Villa Dwora , a stunning Miami estate in the highly coveted Coral Gables that makes your dream of owning a mansion in Florida a reality. Built to accommodate the property’s 300 year old banyan and 200 year old oak trees, the estate offers exquisite details like Baccarat and Schonbeck crystal chandeliers, marble flooring, and coffered ceilings throughout. Tropical, resort style grounds, a unique 2-story pool house, and modern amenities and appliances offer both comfort and luxury, while proximity to Miami International Airport, downtown Miami, and the Port of Miami make travel to and from your new home easy. Villa Dwora will be sold at a luxury no reserve absolute auction on October 27th, 2016. To learn how you can attend the auction, contact us or call Supreme Auctions directly at (866) 929-2243 today.

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