Marketing High-End Homes: A Fresh New Perspective

May 19, 2016

Marketing High-End HomesAchieving the quick, painless sale of a luxury property is no daydream, but the result of an intelligent way of marketing high-end homes. This reality has recently come to the forefront as an alternative to the traditional real estate sales process, offering brilliant advantages through the private luxury real estate auction process.

Selling high-end luxury homes in an uncertain market can give even the most experienced realtors and sellers an unpleasant case of heartburn. As the property debuts in fabulous glossy publications and flashes across computer screens in listing searches, all hold their collective breath, waiting for buyers to appear. Sometimes it takes months, even years, for that buyer to surface through the listing, marketing, showing, offer, and acceptance process.

Time is of the Essence

Savvy buyers in today’s high-end real estate market are not interested in wasting time traveling from listing to listing with a realtor. Nor do they wish to engage in a back and forth volley on price once they’ve found a suitable property, as offers and counter offers continue until an agreement is reached, or until one of them calls an end to the suffering.

Today’s luxury buyer, and seller consider time an incredibly valuable asset. That’s why marketing homes through a private luxury real estate auction is attracting an impressive number of qualified buyers, and resulting in a population of more satisfied sellers. It is quick, painless, and decisive, unlike that of the traditional real estate marketing strategy. Carrying costs on a property while it lingers on the market can get into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a stagnant listing that doesn’t get the attention it deserves poses distinct disadvantages. Plus, there are all those showings. Or, even worse, not enough.

The Old Fashioned Marketing Scenario

As the days on the market in a traditional real estate marketing process approach three, and sometimes four figures, sellers lose faith in the skills of their realtors. Realtors lose listings. The perfect buyers might have never set eyes on what could have been the perfect property for their lifestyle. What’s more, the sellers still own properties they had hoped to exchange for tidy profits. It does not have to go down like this.

A Bright, New Strategy

Engaging an agent at a luxury real estate auction company can make all of those painful scenarios vanish. Properties that could not be sold soon enough find a swift process at auction, establishing a sale date that offers relief to the sellers, delivering peace of mind. A short timeline minimizes maintenance and owner’s carrying costs. The properties are marketed to a prequalified market of interested individuals, ready to raise the paddle and sign the contract.

A Stellar Performance

At auction, the property takes its place at the proper moment, in a starring role as the gavel drops. The auction house has set the stage with a hand-picked, select group of potential buyers prepared for battle. They’ve proven their wealth, have reviewed the marketing materials aimed directly at their desire for the property, and stand ready to bid against others who seek the same goal: They all want to win the auction. Now that’s smart marketing.

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