Mediterranean Mansion Styles

August 16, 2019

Imagine yourself sitting overlooking a crystal blue ocean with a glass of wine in hand and realizing you own a luxurious Mediterranean home. Often times people envision these properties as vacation villas, so why not have a Mediterranean mansion be your vacation home!

Mediterranean mansion and villa styles tend to be influenced by many different cultures and geographical regions, with the most popular being Spain and Italy. These properties have a unique look that combines the architecture of the country with that of the time period. Some prominent characteristic designs of a Mediterranean style home include low-pitched tiled roofs, a rough plastered exterior look, and archways throughout. They also typically have stucco walls, high ceilings, large wooden doors, and terra-cotta patterned tile flooring. And the reason why many people buy Mediterranean style homes is due to the feeling of a warm breezy day in a coastal town.


There are many different styles of Mediterranean architecture. Mediterranean mansions can be designed to complement your style, for example; you can add more color throughout the house, focus on one style of architecture, and give your family and guests the feeling of stepping back in time into a European villa. Many Mediterranean style mansions have similar features, but are unique to each architect and builder. Below we have listed a few simple ways in which your Mediterranean home can take you back into another era.


Landscaping is key when creating a seamless flow from inside to out. When building your home you want to select plants and foliage to correspond with the ambiance of the home. Certain Mediterranean styles  include water fountains, bird baths, walkways, patios, and garden areas as part of their landscaping options. If you truly want a Mediterranean feel, include walkways with gravel or large stones. When deciding on the type of plants, it is best to compliment the home with Mediterranean species that will provide that natural outdoor atmosphere.

Interior Design

The interior of a Mediterranean style mansion is designed to bring life to the home from the style of the railings, finishes, decor, and of course the archways. Often times the front entry door is elaborately designed creating the “awe” effect within you and your guests before even entering your home. Consider using railings inside your home made from the same material as your front door – such as wrought iron, a popular chosen material in Mediterranean homes.

When considering the interior design high ceilings, large archways between rooms, and rustic wood features give an older Mediterranean style feel. Terra-cotta patterned tile or hardwood flooring will help to give a rustic touch to the home. When selecting interior wall colors, warm, neutral tones provide the feeling of sunshine and warmth throughout the house allowing you to truly relax. The home can also incorporate many modern touches and comfort, all while ensuring that you and your guests feel as though you are in Tuscany.


When adding the finishing touches to your Mediterranean mansion you want to be certain you select accessories that will compliment the home and its architectural style. Consider a fireplace and light fixtures made of wrought iron, adorn walls with rustic paintings and place colorful vases to create focal points.

The finishing touch to any home is the furniture and a Mediterranean style mansion is no different. Select pieces that complement one another and the rooms that they will be placed in, making sure not to over crowd a space. And finally, when making your accessory selections, lean toward light  colors that will provide the feeling of a breeze flowing in through from the Tuscan sunflower fields.

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