Oktoberfest in Niwot, CO

October 30, 2017

Every year, the community of Niwot gathers to celebrate Oktoberfest in style! The Niwot Rotary Club and Boulder Flatirons Rotary Club organize this annual event featuring beer, food, music and fun for the whole family. As the planning begins for next year’s party, more and more beer vendors and varieties are added to the celebration. You’ll enjoy live German band music and dancing, beer from local brewers, authentic German food, activities for the whole family and more.

So you’re probably asking yourself why the intimate community of Niwot has such a large, well-attended Oktoberfest… the answer is simple… with the local breweries, stunning scenery, warm friendly people and fabulous culinary delights in the area, why not?

Known for being the world’s largest beer festival held in Munich, Germany every year, Oktoberfest made its way to the states and took hold very easily. The German celebration is actually a 16-day event that attracts over six million people. Even though the fall tradition dates back to the early 1800s, the focus has continued to shift. It began as a celebration of marriage then morphed into an annual horse race, which shifted into an agricultural focus, then ebbed into family entertainment with food, beer and music.

For the last nine years, the Rotary Club of Niwot and Boulder Flatirons Rotary Club have celebrated Oktoberfest with the entire community. It continues to grow each year, starting as a small party with just a few locals into what it is today with hundreds of people. Each year the offerings expand but always include a full day of live German band music and dancing, beer from local breweries, authentic German food, activities for the entire family and colorful and creative costumes throughout.

Of course, Niwot’s Oktoberfest isn’t simply a party for residents. It also benefits local and international fundraising projects. So as you’re enjoying that bratwurst, pretzel, schnitzel and cold beer, you’ll also be helping out a worthwhile cause.

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