Meet The Executive Team


Maverick Commins


Maverick has literally been working with estates throughout his entire life… first restoring them with his father as a teenager then later moving into high-end art and antiquities auctions with the largest privately-owned art auction house in North America, advancing to number three out of a field of over 350 auction sales associates with the company in under six months.

Having come from the high-end art world, Maverick looked at the real estate world and how the Internet has changed the way buyers get their information and properties get sold. He wanted to elevate the auction industry from the previous bank-owned, distressed properties solution, which is traditionally viewed as a last-ditch effort for homeowners in misfortunate situations and rebrand it to a luxury property business. Supreme Auctions is known as The Architects of the Industry, creating an alternative means of selling luxury properties. This is accomplished following the same structure as high-end art and antiquities dealers throughout the world who operate refined auctions to high net worth clientele.

After extensive international travels, Maverick, with his business partner, Jennie, developed the concept that would become Supreme Auctions. They had the foresight to realize that there was an opportunity within the market of how luxury properties were being sold, or not, as the case may be. This situation would revolutionize the marketplace. It has become the smart choice for affluent sellers to sell their luxury properties within today’s marketplace.