Prepare for Barrett Jackson, Scottsdale 2018

October 10, 2017

Collector car fans and their families should not miss this opportunity to own a beautiful home near the
Barrett Jackson Annual Collector Car Show. This event sees 1,200 collector vehicles, and that often
includes 125 Corvettes alone, from every generation. From entry level to multi-million- dollar vehicles,
there’s plenty of world-class horsepower to go around. How will you get ready for the fun?

Get Your Tickets
Thousands of spectators come to the show each year to roam the halls and watch the auctions. Head to
the Barret Jackson website to choose from these VIP options:

  • Craig Jackson Block: $7,4999+
  • VIP Luxury Reserve: $1,999+
  • Gold VIP: $1,499+
  • Silver VIP $1,299

Scope Out the Cars
Before you head out for the big event, make sure you check out the auction catalog to get the lay of the
land. Here, you’ll get advance specs of each vehicle in the auction, as well as event times and locations
to help you create your game plan. A thorough look at the catalogue is critical if you plan to bid on any
vehicles to add to your own collection.

Consign Your Car
Is it time to let go of one of the beauties in your personal collection? Thousands of buyers will be ready
to bid, so plan ahead to consign your car to the auction block. Gather at least 5 great photos, write up
short and long descriptions, and gather all supporting documentation, then apply online here.
Additional options include downloading and printing the form and working with a consignment specialist
to help guide you through the process. It can take some time, so start early!

Move Your Collection In
Want to be close to all the action? Just minutes from the auction venue in a gated golf community, Vista
Della Cresta is a gorgeous luxury home with a garage that’s perfect for your own automotive
masterpieces. The 2018 auction will take place on January 13-21. With the unique opportunity our
luxury no reserve absolute auction, that’s plenty of time to get your own car collection moved in before
the big event.

To learn how you can bid on this real estate masterpiece, contact us or call Supreme
Auctions directly at (866) 929-2243 today.

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