Pro-Athlete Guide To Buying An Estate in Atlanta, Georgia

October 3, 2017

Being a professional athlete has its own set of challenges due to notoriety. So finding a real estate agent that can be trusted becomes paramount when deciding where to live. Just like anything else when you’re famous, buying a home can be difficult when you add confidentiality and luxury into the mix. The best course of action comes when working through a referral from teammate, friend or directly with the team representative. A nationwide network of pro-sports realtors is consistently referred by athletes and coaches who’ve had a positive experience utilizing their expertise during a real estate transaction (i.e. home purchase or sale). To this end, they have first-hand knowledge of the neighborhoods or areas where athletes are living or trending to live. Websites such as Zillow help clients understand the real estate climate in every city throughout the nation.

100% of pro athletes within every major sport will need real estate and relocation services at one point or another during their career. Having a company that streamlines the process for athletes and their advisers is a fairly new niche. A lot of education, relationship-building and trust need to take place. In most every case, athletes use their realtor multiple times per year or during their career. Whether it’s buying a home or packing up a house full of goods, these trusted advisors pride themselves on honest, long-lasting client relationships.

Pro athletes and their advisers communicate in very non-traditional ways. The sports world is a very closed-off-to-the-outside-world kind of place. It takes honesty, wit, fortitude, perseverance, and marketing savvy to successfully deliver what the client needs each and every time.

Athletes looking for estates in Georgia or estates in Atlanta can find a multitude of properties to suit their needs, including the upcoming auction of Jettlands Manor in the exclusive Buckhead area…

Providing a style of living that will rejuvenate the soul and deliver a sense of harmony in every facet and nuance, this engaging property is a private oasis situated serenely on 6.5 acres. The manor was designed with lush gardens, exclusive surroundings and wooded acreage, which makes it optimal for both entertaining and personal renewal. With 12,465 sq. ft., including five bedrooms, this estate delivers the ideal sanctuary for its residents.

This property is perfect for professional athletes, celebrities and or someone looking for added security and exclusivity. Jettlands Manor offers private gated access with fenced surroundings and call box at the gate. The extensive landscaping shelters you from prying eyes, while at the same time providing well-lit areas for added safety.

This Mediterranean villa will be sold to the highest bidder, regardless of price, at a luxury no reserve auction on October 26, 2017. To learn how to claim your paddle for this once-in-a-lifetime event, or call Supreme Auctions at (866) 929-2243 today.

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