The Auction Process


Step-by-Step Through the Auction Process

From your initial consultation to post-auction closing, Supreme Auctions® makes it easy to succeed by providing unparalleled service every step of the way. Our proprietary, step-by-step auction process leverages marketing relationships, a buyer database exceeding 300,000, and professional expertise that enables you to achieve the desired results.

Our dedicated team of auction professionals provide decades of expertise, integrity and knowledge with the highest level of service to both sellers and buyers of multimillion-dollar luxury properties.



Step 1: Initial Consultation

Supreme Auctions® know that time is a critical factor in the sale of any property. We begin our dialog with an initial consultation that sets the stage for an active and engaging auction process.

  • Provide an in-depth review of the process
  • Convey recent industry trends
  • Gather appropriate property information
  • Conduct an informal property walk-through and review
  • Discuss next steps and timelines

“We attempted to go the traditional route in trying to sell our property and we were not getting anywhere. Supreme Auctions®’ approach had a lot of logic, their accelerated marketing strategy was tailored to our specific property and the execution of that strategy was even better than I had envisioned. My only regret is that I had not met Supreme Auctions® sooner, their process is a superior way to market and sell a property, I could not be happier.”

Dan Barry – Chicago, IL

Step 2: Market Analysis

Supreme Auctions® conduct a thorough market analysis so that we can apply our time and resources in order to create the most beneficial impact. Our review combined with the market analysis provides us with a clear understanding of the current market and potential buyers. This information is used to effectively promote your property and help ensure that you receive current and fair market value.

  • Conduct market comparable analysis
  • Match your property to our buyer database Locally, Regionally, Nationally and Internationally
  • Create an auction market analysis report for you

“Maverick, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and all at Supreme Auctions® for selling my property in thirty days. After building 21 luxury properties I can honestly say you and your team worked harder for me than any realtor I have ever worked with!”

Roger – Mesa, AZ
22 Grand Colonial Dr - 110

Step 3: Development of Marketing Plan

Once Supreme Auctions® has knowledge of the property and its marketplace, we are ready to create a unique marketing plan that makes the most effective use of our proprietary process and promotional tools. Our creative marketing team plans all aspects of media buying and placement, reaching out to all potential opportunities for the most amount of buyers at the local, national and international level.

  • Custom website development for your property
  • Dedicated team of auction professionals to field all inquiries
  • Advertising in local, national and international publications
  • Placement on key websites that receive the maximum amount of hits/views

Step 4: Implementation of Marketing Plan

During the course of the next few weeks, the Supreme Auctions® marketing team places the marketing plan into effect, reaching out to the broadest audience of potential buyers, generating responses and enthusiasm for your property. Your property is unique and as such our marketing plan is tailor made to promote and optimize buyer action.

  • Extensive Internet and E-marketing presence
  • Unparalleled placement of advertising and marketing delivering results
  • Access to our exclusive client buyer database
  • Proven marketing techniques that create buyer attention

“Thanks to the entire Supreme Auctions® Team for selling my Malibu estate in eight days for $4,900,000! After my home was on the market for 2 years I believe the only explanation for a sale that quickly is your extensive database and superior marketing abilities.”

Jack – Malibu, CA

Step 5: Auctioning Your Property

Supreme Auctions® provides comprehensive consultation services and auction day event planning. We are always one step ahead, working to ensure that your auction day goes smoothly, as planned. Our auction day team are professionals in their own right, top in their respective fields, and industry leaders. They ensure more buyers have the opportunity to bid on your property.

  • One on one bidding representation and placement
  • Bidding representation via telephone
  • Earnest money receipt and management
  • Contract facilitation and privacy

Step 6: Auction Closing and Post Auction Analysis

At the conclusion of your auction day, Supreme Auctions® will follow up with the Closing Company to verify the escrow process and confirm the transfer of ownership of the property and ensure a smooth, worry-free transaction.

  • Ensure all documents are supplied and completed as required
  • Coordinate closing with the Title and Escrow Company
  • Provide all pertinent updates to seller during closing
  • Be available and remain in contact with you as needed


Supreme Auctions®

Traditional Sales

Time driven results in 45 days or less May remain on market for months or years
National & International advertising exclusively featuring your property Minimal advertising and heavy reliance upon Multiple Listing Service
Seller sets timeframe for Buyers to take action Little motivation for buyers; Seller waits for them
Auction creates a sense of urgency to promote buyer interest action Use of price reduction encouraged to create buyer interest
Maximizes the property’s true market value. No limit on upside potential The upside potential is limited by the asking price
Property sold AS-IS with conditions of sale set in advance, eliminating negotiations Contingencies are common; Seller must negotiate all aspects of sale
All offers are presented to the seller before and during the auction Few offers are received; multiple offers at one time are rare
Carrying costs are eliminated due to a timely sale. Carrying costs incurred for months and even years draining away the Sellers equity and bottom line

Attend an Auction

Attend an Auction

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