Mountain View Acres - Sold


Niwot, CO

Sold Property Statistics

  • Over 21,400 unique visitors to website
  • 63 Inquiries
  • Sold 
  • Closed in less than 30 Days

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The property had previously been on and off the market for over two years with little to no buyer activity. The Seller decided to utilize Supreme Auctions’ Accelerated Marketing Process and achieved the third highest sale in the area in 45 days from initial marketing period.

Mountain View Acres provides spectacular views in the community of Niwot, near Boulder, Colorado. The property rests on 1.24 acres and offers extraordinary panoramic views. With no expense spared, this stylish estate was designed with spacious living areas in mind including a mother-in-law or Nanny apartment and picturesque decks that make it ideal for entertaining and enjoying the beautiful mountains in which it is nestled, plus sights that will awe and amaze.