Southern Luxury Real Estate Face-Off: Tennessee vs. Kentucky

April 3, 2014

If you’re looking for southern luxury real estate, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is whether to choose the suburbs of Tennessee or Kentucky. Here are a few considerations to help you navigate your selection process.

Lower Taxes? Tennessee wins!

Tennessee has a lower (no state tax) income tax rate overall and lower property taxes. This is a huge boon for Southern luxury real estate buyers, since they can put more money toward the purchase of their ideal home and worry less about the tax burden.

School Quality? Tennessee wins!

Particularly in cities like Franklin, Tennessee’s primary, middle and high schools are known to be top-notch. Test scores are consistently high as are graduation rates. Near Nashville, the region also houses more prestigious centers of higher learning, including Belmont and Vanderbilt Universities.

Growth? Tennessee wins!

The Tennessee portion of the greater Nashville metro area sees consistent business growth and stability, while the Kentucky areas moving north and away from Nashville see less growth. Franklin, TN, for example, houses corporate headquarters for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Mars, Petcare and Nissan.

Space? Tie.

One of the most alluring qualities the Nashville region boasts for southern luxury real estate buyers is how quickly the land rolls out from urban and suburban to rural. Consider, for example, this beautiful country home located just outside of downtown Franklin, TN. Southern luxury real estate at its best, sprawled across 2-acres in a gated equestrian community, this home simultaneously offers proximity to the city and a peaceful, bucolic setting. Selling at absolute auction to the highest bidder on April 10th, to learn more about this property, call 866-929-2243 or view upcoming Franklin Tennessee property details now.

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