Take 5 With Certified Auction Agent – Alex Wolking

December 23, 2021

Supreme Auctions Certified Auction Agent,  Alex Wolking of Keller Williams Realty in Chicago, took five minutes with Supreme Auctions to answer five insightful questions about his real estate career.

1. What motivated you to become a real estate agent with a focus on the luxury sector?

Something about stepping foot inside an old, historic mansion always feels like home to me. That smell of an old house (you know, dust and a hint of mildew) makes me think of an old library book. I saw so many agents doing a sub-par job marketing these properties and it drove me nuts, and I knew I could do it better. These houses, both old and new, tell stories. It’s our job to tell those stories in a compelling way, such that it inspires one to see themselves inside that story. In some ways I feel like a house whisperer–I love setting them free!

2. What is your favorite part about being a luxury real estate agent?

The people and the product. Luxury properties pose a unique challenge in getting them sold. I love the nuance and the creative problem solving. The clients are always some of the most interesting, cultured, and well-rounded people. I love hearing their stories and working with them. Sometimes they can be a handful, but for majority of them, this is a business decision and they treat it as such, which makes the process easier.

3. What is the most interesting high-end property you have ever sold and why?

A European-inspired cottage in the suburbs. It had one of the most incredible cedar roofs I’ve ever seen (cost $325k to replace it), and the house had a great vibe when you walked in. It truly felt like you were in the english countryside. It was also one block from Lake Michigan. The lake breezes rolling in off the lake with all the windows open was the best feeling!

4. Why did you decide to become a Certified Auction Agent and take the course with Supreme Auctions?

I love the auction process, and it is a tremendous tool to have in your toolbox when selling high end properties. Supreme Auctions excels at communication and executing on their plans. Learning from the best!

5. What was a fun, or interesting fact you took away from the Supreme Auctions Certified Auction Agent course?

“When the buyer feels like they are about to lose something, the checkbook comes out.” It’s so true, and hearing it put so simply was really eye opening. I’ve incorporated a lot of these practices into my regular sales business.

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