Take 5 With Certified Auction Agent – Deb Paton Showley

May 3, 2022

Supreme Auctions Certified Auction Agent, Deb Paton Showley of Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group in Warsaw, IN., took five minutes with Supreme Auctions to answer five insightful questions about her real estate career.

1. What motivated you to become a real estate agent with a focus on the luxury sector?

We work with high end clientele with 2nd homes on a regular basis and this quickly became a focus of ours years ago. We love serving our clients and sharing these beautiful homes with future 2nd home owners.

2. What is your favorite part about being a luxury real estate agent?

The vast backgrounds our clients come from has been fascinating to me personally and learning about them, what they do and how they have become so successful. We deal with vacation homes mostly and this provides a relaxed setting/environment with the client. We connect with our clients and serve them to best of our ability through out the entire process and challenge ourselves to exceed their expectations on a daily basis.

3. What is the most interesting high-end property you have ever sold and why?

We have had many that are very special as each property seems to have a story that we learn along the way. Stonecrest Shores that will be auctioned with Supreme Auctions this month would be one of them that has been quite a journey to sell and the second time for this owner.

4. Why did you decide to become a Certified Auction Agent and take the course with Supreme Auctions?

I wanted to make sure we had all the options available to our clients. In a market where auctions seem to be a popular choice it allows me another depth of service that will set us apart from our competition in this very competitive luxury market.

5. What was a fun, or interesting fact you took away from the Supreme Auctions Certified Auction Agent course?

I was excited because I had the perfect property for this program and was also excited to see that Supreme Auctions approached the auction process in many of the same ways we approach our clients in serving them. Very professional and honest. We are anxious to complete the entire auction process together with Supreme Auctions.

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