Take 5 With Certified Auction Agent – Lesley Vann

January 10, 2022

Supreme Auctions Certified Auction Agent,  Lesley Vann of Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty in Scottsdale, AZ., took five minutes with Supreme Auctions to answer five insightful questions about her real estate career.

1. What motivated you to become a real estate agent with a focus on the luxury sector?

Aesthetics, beauty, fine lifestyles and amenities have always inspired me. In 10th grade, I began studying interiors, design, textiles and architecture. Bringing this lifelong endeavor into my career as a Realtor is natural. Superior quality properties capture the spirit. This is where I am the most at home, and my enthusiasm and resonance transfers to all those I serve.

2. What is your favorite part about being a luxury real estate agent?

Bringing the wealth of my experiences and expertise into these professional relationships, while learning from the vast backgrounds of my clients and colleagues. The breadth of knowledge, talent and sheer brilliance of my clients continues to thrill and humble me. They represent the finest of humanity, and have made great contributions to the world.

3. What is the most interesting high-end property you have ever sold and why?

Aside from the multi-acre lot atop Pinnacle Peak in North Scottsdale, enabling my buyer to lay claim to “half the mountain”, the most interesting home I’ve sold was a few miles North at another mountain. It reflected contemporary modern elegance that transcended the (Black) Mountain it rested upon… All seven acres of that mountain! “Hawk’s Nest” was a gem of the desert in Carefree, Arizona. There were soaring ceilings & open spaces that created a cozy atmosphere, while vistas of the 360 degree horizon left you speechless. This incredible 6,500+ Sq. Ft., estate claimed seven spacious acres of Black Mountain desert landscape, included boulders built into the home, unique stone flooring with flecks of gold, multi levels, walls of designer glass windows, a million dollars of art and interiors, and leveraged another record-breaking Sale. All this was just minutes from the center of Carefree and North Scottsdale. With much experience in new construction, land acquisition, architects and custom builders, I’ve been privileged to participate in world class projects that have/will find their way into the magazines and newspapers of the media giants of the world. Some of these are $1300 – $2000/per square foot. These are creating and leaving a lasting artistic and cultural legacy. My work is diverse and multi-faceted!

4. Why did you decide to become a Certified Auction Agent and take the course with Supreme Auctions?

Because Supreme Auctions had already demonstrated their unparalleled prowess in the luxury and accelerated marketing arenas. Supreme helped me market and sell (at a record-breaking sale amount), a remarkable property I had listed. It took six years for our sales record to be broken. Thanks to the rare skill demonstrated by Maverick and team, my client, the seller, pocketed so much more than they had envisioned. I wanted to further this successful relationship with Supreme Auctions by preparing myself to serve in this capacity again in the future. I want to replicate the formula I observed, knowing it can and does surpass sales records nationwide. I am now part of that and further available to help clients.

5. What was a fun, or interesting fact you took away from the Supreme Auctions Certified Auction Agent course?

That pricing to sell, and pricing wisely and strategically, will always bring the seller their highest price. And, that a no reserve luxury auction generates buyer urgency. So much of this is counter-intuitive to sellers. Supreme Auctions provides a formula that works.

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