Texas Dream Home For Serious Golfers: 6 Must-Have Amenities

February 24, 2015

texas dream homeThere are more than 800 golf courses in the state of Texas, which makes buying course-front property quite common. Not all homes are created equal, however, so if you’re a serious golfer looking for your Texas dream home, here are 6 amenities you must have.

Texas Dream Home Amenities

1. Proximity to a World-Class Golf Course

Just as all homes are not created equal, neither are golf courses. Among the hundreds of courses in Texas, only a select few have been designed by masters such as Jack Nicklaus and Tom Fazio. In fact, a rare combination of courses from these two particular masters can be found at The Club at Carlton Woods, making this gated community within the Woodlands an excellent golfer’s paradise.

2. Idyllic Course Views

While proximity to a world-class golf course is essential for the serious golfer, idyllic views of the course are even better. Make sure your Texas dream home has at least one vantage point that is also relaxing, like a sun room, balcony, or pool that overlooks the course. Clever golfers will seek out estates with long property lines adjacent to the course in order to take advantage of multiple idyllic vantage points.

3. Home Theater

How can you improve your game? One way is to study the masters. Having a theater in your Texas dream home means you can catch every PGA or LPGA golf tournament. A comfortable seating area allows you to settle in and focus, and a large screen gives you close-up views of every expert swing.

4. Gym

If you could have a conversation with the golf masters, most would tell you that physical fitness is key, as there’s more to a good swing than time on the course. A gym will allow you to stay in golf shape and build the control you need to improve your game.

5. Chef’s Kitchen

A well-equipped kitchen will be useful to a serious golfer in a number of ways. First, any great athlete begins the day with the proper nutrition, and a chef’s kitchen makes that easy. Second, serious golfers often make easy friends with other serious golfers, and entertaining them in your Texas dream home is a snap with the right kitchen.

6. Virtual Golfing System

While you would probably love to be on the course each and every day, that’s just not possible for even the most serious of golfers. An indoor virtual golf simulator is the perfect way to keep your swing ready for those days that you do get to enjoy the course.

A home with all of these golfer’s amenities may sound like fantasy, but the serious golfer’s Texas dream home can actually be found in Colonial Haven, located in The Woodlands, just north of Houston. What’s more, this home presents buyers with an extremely rare opportunity to purchase this golfers dream property at their price, during a no reserve, absolute luxury home auction on March 26th.

For more details about this absolute luxury auction, contact Supreme Auctions directly at 866-929-2243 or contact us via email to schedule a tour.

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