The #1 Reason Why You Want To Buy Tennessee Real Estate

March 13, 2014

There are countless reasons to buy Tennessee real estate – from the temperate weather, abundant lakes, and rivers and amusement parks to prestigious educational institutions (including private schools and the highly sought after Vanderbilt University), low property and income tax rates, Southern charm, and so many more. However, if we were to pick the top reason to buy real estate in Tennessee, it would have to be its family-centric atmosphere. In fact, two of Tennessee’s cities – Franklin and Hendersonville – were recently named on CNNMoney’s 100 Best Places to live list.

Franklin can thank its extremely low unemployment rate, high job growth and low rate of both personal and property crime incidents, for starters. Its proximity to Nashville is also a major draw – though it’s just far enough away to help the city maintain much of its storied civil war era charm. When it comes to raising a family, residents in Franklin enjoy an astonishing 93.4% above average test score rate in reading and 108.1% above average test scores in math. This is due in no small part to the fantastic educational opportunities – both public and private – from grade school on up through graduate school. Plus, properties have ample space, giving children and all members of the family plenty of opportunities to explore the great outdoors – and, for those families into horses, Franklin is also well-known as one of the region’s top equestrian towns.

Finding a beautiful piece of Tennessee real estate in Franklin to raise a family is also not tough – and while not inexpensive, the area is well known for its value to money ratio. In fact, your dollars go so much farther when buying Franklin Tennessee real estate as some of the multi-million dollar homes for sale in Franklin – like this expansive and amenity-filled Penn Way Court luxury home for sale via absolute auction by Supreme Auctions on April 10th  – would likely list for double or triple the cost in more heavily populated and saturated real estate markets. If you are looking for your next home in Tennessee, then this stunning property in Franklin could be just what the doctor ordered, as it is selling at no reserve auction.

Henderson, too, is a major draw for families and country music fans alike – what, with its suburb Nashville status and the fact that it’s been the home of major superstars the likes of Conway Twitty and Taylor Swift. Like Franklin, the schools are fantastic, crime is low and there is no shortage of jobs. Real estate isn’t as tawny here across the board as it is in Franklin, but there are quite a few stunning properties to be found and there simply are no “bad” neighborhoods as evidenced by its low personal and property crime rates. The population here does tend to skew slightly older than that of Franklin, with steady job growth, countless restaurants and recreational opportunities and the easy commute to Nashville, families looking to relocate to a piece of Tennessee real estate will not be disappointed. Contact us to find log homes for sale in Tennessee!

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