The Smart & Savvy Way to Buy Mansions For Sale In Texas

March 12, 2015

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Are you in Texas and watching the market for a high-end property, but don’t want to spend the next year sifting through numerous mansions for sale in Texas to find the serious sellers and fair market prices? We don’t blame you. Buying a home through traditional means has been described by some as a special kind of torture. You could search for months for the right home, only to spend the next 3-6 months or more negotiating with the seller, waiting for inspections, and going through escrow—and still have the deal fall through in the end.

Not all mansions for sale in Texas will put you through the ups and downs of all those back and forth moments. In fact, savvy buyers are discovering a better way to buy a refined property without the wait, without the hassle, and without the emotional roller coaster. These buyers have discovered the luxury, no reserve absolute auctions offered by Supreme Auctions.

Take, for example, the upcoming luxury auction of Colonial Haven, a unique property in the coveted Carlton Woods gated community in The Woodlands, just north of Houston. The property is a golfer’s dream with views of the 18th fairway and a built-in Full Swing Virtual Reality Golf Simulator, which features multiple world-class courses and will stay with the home when sold.

This luxury, no reserve absolute auction will be held on March 26th and bidders will get to experience a long list of benefits that aren’t available to traditional home buyers.

For starters, bidders know that the owners of this property are committed to selling. The luxury real estate auction house, Supreme Auctions will go through a screening process with each homeowner to ensure they are ready to sell. Traditional sellers, on the other hand, can list mansions for sale in Texas simply as a way to see what kind of interest they might generate and explore their options. That leaves buyers to pour hours into negotiations that may never bloom into a sale.

Bidders who attend the luxury, no reserve absolute auction on March 26th, however, know they’re getting a genuine and unique opportunity to purchase Colonial Haven. They also know they’re getting a fair market price because potential buyers shape that price as they bid.

Once the final bid has been made at this luxury absolute auction by Supreme Auctions, the winner and their party complete the necessary documents and closing will be scheduled within 30 days. By April 26th, the new owners are free to move in.

If you’d like to be that new owner, or have questions about the Colonial Haven mansions for sale in Texas, call 866-929-2243 or request information via email.

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