The Ultimate Luxury Equestrian Ranch Buying Checklist

July 12, 2013

When it comes to buying an equestrian ranch or horse farm, the barn and available land are obviously key. However, when you’re looking to purchase luxury equestrian ranch, your wants and needs will balloon considerably. It needs to be a retreat as much as it is a workplace, but, more than that, it needs to boast amenities that ensure beings of the two and four leg variety are pampered to the hilt.

So, what are the top 5 attributes that make up an Ultimate Luxury Equestrian Ranch?

1. Craftsmanship

When you consider the word “luxury”, you don’t just think of zero entry infinity pools and double vanities, you also think of quality craftsmanship and design the likes of which aren’t seen in other horse properties. Luxury should greet you from the first moment you lay eyes on the property and every detail – from security gates and field stone bridges to alabaster chandeliers and custom stone fireplaces – should be as beautiful in form as it is important in function. Materials like brick, flagstone, antique woods and granite should abound to create a space that is warm, inviting and breathtaking.

2. Space, Space and More Space

Room to move is important for any horse farm, and to appropriately accommodate an equestrian ranch, acreage should be measured by the dozen. The home itself should boast gaggles of living space – perhaps even a guest house; the barn, too, should give the horses, riders and trainers plenty of room to move, work, play and even rest after a long session. And, don’t forget about privacy to create that ultimate “retreat” feel. While the grounds themselves are best kept open, the perimeter should ideally be forested and gated, for the ultimate “retreat” feel.

3. Proximity To Major Metro Area

While a horse farm is best kept outside of the city and away from pollution, noise and prying eyes, proximity to a major metropolitan area is also important. Being within an hour’s drive of a medium to large city will give its owners better access to luxurious nights out, a major transportation hub and required world-class equestrian products and services.

4. State of the Art Amenities For Horses and Humans

From climate controlled stalls to an infinity saltwater pool, every resident of the luxury equestrian estate must feel pampered. The horses should enjoy safety and comfort features such as: a barn and stables, covered riding arena for year-round training, dust-free polymer footing, water trough indicators, sensor lighting and arena ceiling fans to drop the temperature by as much as 20 degrees when needed. For the humans, custom kitchens with top of the line counters, cabinets and appliances are a no-brainer, as is plenty of room to entertain, indoors and out. En suite bathrooms, hot tubs and perhaps even a second kitchen for long-term visitors are also worthy features, as are bells and whistles like a smart-home system with remote controlled gates, lighting, surround sound and climate control via your mobile device.

5. A Seamless Flow

From the property, to the barn, to the landscaped grounds, a luxury horse property should have architecture and features that flow together in a thoughtful, convenient and absolutely stunning way. In fact, the grounds should meander as much as they connect thoughtfully, giving you immediate access to every inch of your grounds.

Supreme Auctions is excited to offer an Luxury Equestrian Ranch for sale in Georgia that exceeds all of these expectations (and more). Up for Absolute Auction on August 29th with no reserve, this Gainesville, GA equine property boasts over 8000 square feet of living space and 64 lush acres of green pasture and manicured lawns. Contact Supreme Auctions now to get in on the auction and bid on this one of a kind luxury property.

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