Top 4 Nashville Suburbs To Buy A Luxury Family Home In

April 1, 2014

Consider this a Southern Luxury Real Estate Face-Off. Franklin or Belle Meade? Hendersonville or Brentwood? Read on for our top four picks for luxury Nashville suburban living and judge for yourself.

Top Nashville Suburb Contender #1: Franklin, TN

Franklin is home to top CEOs for nearby multinational corporations and an historic city that played a key role in the Civil War – and it’s these two attributes that help to keep Franklin both a picturesque, safe and historical town and an area filled with state-of-the-art homes and amenities, including more than 1,500 restaurants, 21 movie theaters, 35 libraries, 4 museums, and 87 nearby golf courses to choose from. Just 20 minutes to the south of Nashville, Franklin is a wonderful place to raise a family, has low crime, even lower taxes and plenty of space to make your home. For example, in the Brandon Park Downs gated equestrian community just outside of the center of town, you’ll find this beautiful lakefront estate with a stunning, amenity-filled country manor home. Up for absolute auction by Supreme Auction on April 10th, to view the property (by appointment only), please contact 866-929-2243. Click here to  view the property now.

Top Nashville Suburb Contender #2: Belle Meade, TN

Perhaps best known for its historic thoroughbred farm, Belle Meade Plantation, this city is just a 15 minute drive from downtown Nashville and home to many of the area’s wealthiest – both new money and old. Giant luxury family homes line this Nashville suburb’s streets, many of which also operate as charming bed & breakfasts. If you love shopping, you’ll adore the upscale boutiques in the town’s main area. Foodies are also attracted to its many high-end restaurants. Named by Forbes magazine as one of the “Top 25 Places To Retire Rich”, as you might expect, a good portion of the city’s residents are aged 65 and older – former Vice President Al Gore among them.

Top Nashville Suburb Contender #3:  Brentwood, TN

Fifteen minutes directly to Nashville’s south is Brentwood, Williamson County’s shortest commute for the affluent into the city. With superior schools and a high quality of life, Brentwood is not only well-appointed, but also well spread out, making getting around the area much easier than if you were to live in center city Nashville. Sure, its proximity to Nashville can create a bit of a rush hour in Brentwood, but, again, because it’s so close-by, this commute – even if it’s more congested – is far shorter than others. Libraries, churches and sports abound, making this a very family-centric and affluent Nashville suburb. And, if you’re more interested in peace and quiet than hustle and bustle, Brentwood might be the right choice for your family.

Top Nashville Suburb Contender #4: Hendersonville, TN

About a twenty minute drive to the northeast of Nashville will find you in Hendersonville, TN – one of CNNMoney’s top 100 places to live and home to some of country music’s biggest names, from Taylor Swift to Conway Twitty. Even Johnny Cash and Barry Gibb have made their home here and there are many reasons why – from plentiful shopping, restaurants and white-collar jobs right in town, to its great schools and the fact that it promises long summers on Old Hickory Lake. And, not only does it have plenty of luxurious homes to choose from – by the lake or deeper in the country, just five years ago, Family Circle Magazine named the city one of its ten best for families.

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