Top Five Outdoor Activities in Boulder, CO

November 6, 2017

Get ready to experience the best outdoor activities in the world! Known as one of the top sports towns in America, Boulder is where runners, cyclists, mountain bikers, skiers, golfers and rock climbers choose to not only visit, but also call home more and more frequently. This close-knit community is full of people from all walks of life who love an active outdoor lifestyle, while at the same time are committed to conserving the beauty that naturally surrounds them. Add to this the fabulous weather (300 days of sunshine per year) and you’ll see why you should select this community at your destination of choice… to visit, play and live.

1) Hiking

The serene Rocky Mountain landscape entices novice and expert level hikers due to its panoramic views and diversity of trails. You could stay in Boulder for months and not encounter the same activity twice. Outdoor enthusiasts can’t help but take advantage of Boulder’s hundreds of miles of tranquil hiking trails. That’s 45,000 acres of pristine open space or perhaps the Boulder Creek Path (running through town and is adjacent to Boulder Creek), in which you can explore, work on your fitness or simply take a deep breath of the sweet Colorado air and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

2) Biking

Going hand-in-hand with hiking, the glorious area of Boulder is home to numerous and diverse biking trails. You can really the see the State in its finest by simply peddling your way through forests, mountains, towns and around the cities. The possibilities are truly endless if biking is your sport of choice. Colorado even has a website dedicated to bike enthusiasts at where you can find maps, tours, connect with biking groups and even volunteer with help.

3) Skiing & Winter Sports

Even in the winter months, you can still enjoy all the allure that surrounds you in Boulder. From snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, or sledding through the trails, your winter adventures are as vast as your warmer-day escapades. For the downhill skiing enthusiasts, Eldora Mountain Ski Resort is a simple 30-minute drive from Boulder city center.

4) Rock Climbing

For those who enjoy scaling mountains, Boulder is home to some of the best rock and ice climbing in the country. From around the world, climbers, mountaineers, and alpinists gather to encounter magnificent climbs at Boulder’s Flatirons and Eldorado Canyon.

Throughout Colorado, guided tours, climbing and mountaineering can be booked for the day or longer. Just outside of Boulder are Rocky Mountain National Park, the South Platte and the Indian Peaks Wilderness, that increase the terrain in which the exploring options are abundant so whether you have a few hours, a day or longer to find adventure, a phenomenal experience awaits you.

5) Golf

When you hear that the air is thinner in Colorado, that only means that your golf ball will fly higher than it ever has before. The spectacular weather sets the scene for the perfect day on the golf course and with so many options to play a round or two, Boulder has you covered. Whether you select The Omni Golf Course featuring 27 holes with wonderful views, or The Greg Mastriona Golf Courses at Hyland Hills with its four different courses, or Walnut Creek Golf Preserve where you can experience unbelievable wildlife, or perhaps Haystack Mountain Golf Course with its open bookings (no tee time required), you will not be disappointed because the possibilities simply go on and on.

Whether you are enjoying the sunrise in a hot air balloon; rock climbing through the nearby peaks; kayaking through town; mountain biking or hiking across the alpine trails; tubing, fishing or swimming in the creek; or swinging an iron at one of the golf courses, the diversions are endless in Boulder, Colorado.

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