Top Five Reasons you should move to Colorado

November 16, 2017

Have you considered making Colorado home? The reasons to do so are so numerous it’s hard to capture them in one brief list, but here are the top five reasons that you should move to this glorious state:

  1. Skiing

Okay, we all know that Colorado is the perfect location to be if you enjoy time on the slopes. What you might not be aware of if that it truly is a powder-lovers dream with its 54 peaks and over 4,200 meters of ski terrain. The opportunities for a ski weekends are some of the best in the world. With top-rated ski towns, including Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge and Telluride, you can visit a different city every weekend for a new view all winter long. And if you don’t ski but want to watch or enjoy the fabulous lodges, shops and restaurants, you won’t be disappointed when you travel with your ski buddies.

  1. City Life

Whether in Denver or Boulder, the city life has new meaning. You’ll experience all the pleasures of a downtown experience without the downfalls of some of the larges “big cities” in the US. In Colorado, you can literally be enjoying nature one minute and then experiencing big-city living the next. Both of these cities are known for their beauty, restaurants, shopping, breweries and picturesque surroundings.

  1. The Breweries

If you enjoy a nice pale ale or hardy stout, Colorado will introduce you to some great local flavors. Did you know that more than 10 percent of the nation’s craft breweries could be found in Colorado? Popular brands that are created in Colorado include the New Belgium Brewing Company, Great Divide Brewing and Breckenridge Brewery, just to mention a few. Interested in trying a few? Colorado even hosts the famous “Great American Beer Festival,” which features 400 craft brewers and 1,800 different brews. Time to get your suds on!

  1. The Wildlife

How many movies have you seen with majestic mountains filled with beautiful creatures against a snowy background? If you select Colorado to be your home, you will definitely have the opportunity to see moose, elk or bald eagles in your tenure at this spectacular state. The wildlife viewing opportunities in Colorado are plentiful, with many wildlife viewing and refuges to choose from across the state.

  1. The Weather

Okay, we all know that probably one of the top reasons for moving is the weather. The great news is that Colorado isn’t a constant frozen mountain that it can sometimes be portrayed as in the media. Quite the opposite, you don’t have to don ski jackets and parkas all year round. In fact there is a lot of Vitamin D to soak up! For example, check out Denver’s city averages of more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year and during the winter months’ temperature highs can reach up to 75 degrees. I don’t know about you, but that sounds perfect to me!

So if you haven’t figured it out by now, Colorado is simply a magical place to live. Who wouldn’t enjoy the sunshine, outdoor adventures, breweries, historical locations and plethora of exploration opportunities? If you’ve decided to move to this majestic state, don’t forget that Supreme Auctions has the ideal property, which they will offer at a luxury no-reserve auction on December 2, 2017. Get in touch with us to discover the best ranches for sale in Colorado. To learn more, contact Supreme Auctions at (866) 929-2243 or visit

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