Top Tips for Fundraising Success

May 10, 2013


Tip #1: It’s never too early to start

As soon as you can set a date for your event, that is the time to start reaching out to potential donors and sponsors and start asking for donations. Get organized, form a committee and start reaching out and ask, ask, ask!

Tip #2: Contact everyone you know

You have a date for your event and you have a committee or a group of volunteers to head-up your fundraiser, the next step is to start contacting everyone you know. After you have gone through your email address book, move on to Clubs and Member Groups you belong to or are associated with. You will be surprised who wants to donate.

Tip # 3: Create and customize a Fundraising Webpage

Let others know about your Non-Profit Organization, share the why, what is the purpose of the event and why others should get involved. Tell a personal story of how the funds raised will help others. Pull on the heartstrings of prospective donors.

Tip #4: Use Social Media to spread the news

Everyone is using social media to some degree, so why not put it to good use for your Fundraising event. Post a status update on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, update your friends and business associates and provide a direct link to your fundraising website.

Tip # 5: Consult with a Fundraising Professional

Take a look at other fundraisers for inspiration and ideas, who are they working with to make their event a success. Do your research, speak to a Professional Fundraising Auctioneer if you plan to have a Live Auction, and don’t think that someone who can speak in front of a crowd should call an Auction. A Professional Auctioneer will not only make you more money but they will engage your audience and have fun while doing so.

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