Water Toys for Billionaires – The Perfect Holiday Gift!

December 2, 2016
SuperPool for Yachts

Are you currently asking yourself, “What should I get for my new 300 ft. superyacht?” While 99.99% of us will never need to ask ourselves that, daydreaming about the perfect water toy to complement your new superyacht is pretty fun actually. With the Holidays fast approaching, we wanted to have a little fun and compile a list of must have water toys for billionaires and superyacht owners.

While owning a superyacht isn’t a prerequisite for each, they sure do seem to go together quite nicely. Anyways, enjoy warm thoughts of playing off the coast of some exotic island with these incredible toys!


The SuperPool inflates to create a pool out in the middle of the ocean. What exactly does that mean? Designed to each client’s specifications, the SuperPool provides a decked area around a netted pool that creates basically a “mini-island” to soak up the sun, or relax under the shade, while floating in the ocean. With options like LED lighting (perfect for a nighttime swim) and expandable decks (dance party), you can now create your very own oasis retreat to get away from the shore or your yacht’s exhausts.

Rock Climbing Wall

Superyacht Climbing Wall

OK, so this toy requires that you own a yacht. Designed and customized to suit the shape of your superyacht, this inflatable rock climbing wall offers a number of colored paths, each indicating the level of difficulty. Not only does this yacht toy offer hours of fun, but a great workout as well.


SeaBob Water Toy

The SEABOB is perfect for cruising along the ocean’s surface, or venturing below during a big scuba dive. This high-performance electric watercraft can take the user up to 22kph, while providing the performance and maneuverability needed for a host of activities and environments. From scuba diving, to playing in the pool, SEABOBs are sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Radinn Electric Wakeboard

Radinn Electric Wakeboard

If you are looking for a little more speed, check out Radinn’s Wakejet. This electric wakeboard includes a custom jet-propulsion system, hand-made electric motor and state-of-the-art battery technology https://bea-skincare.com/wp/buy-valtrex-online/ truly make it a unique piece of engineering. There’s simply nothing like it. Controlling speed via a wireless remote, riders can reach up to 25 knots (25 mph).



If it’s air that you seek, then you want the Flyboard. When connected to a Jet-ski, the Flyboard uses underwater propulsion to reach heights of up to 12m giving you an amazing view and experience. With the Pro Throttle Kit, you have complete control over the throttle, with the Jet-ski following you wherever you go.

BONUS – U-Boat Worx Super Yacht Sub 3

water toys for billionaires

Good news, your superyacht is not too small for a sub! The U-Boat Worx Super Yacht Sub 3 is being touted as the most compact 3-person submersible on the market. The bases model is 10’ x 8’ foot, weighs just under 8,300 pounds and can go down 300 feet. With upgrades, progressive to the owner’s experience level, the craft can go as far as 984 feet!

With the interior offering comforts like leather seats, air-conditioning and a Bluetooth sound system; I wouldn’t be surprised if Captain Nemo is looking to upgrade the Nautilus now!

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