Why Buying A Vacation Home in California Is A Smart Decision

April 24, 2015

buying a vacation home
Do you enjoy vacationing in California? You’re not alone. And if you’re thinking of buying a vacation home in California, that can be a very smart decision. Buying a vacation home in California allows you to enjoy the things that make California so appealing, but it can also be a very lucrative investment.

Enjoying Your Vacation Home in California

What do you love about California? Is it the 350 days of sunshine in Palm Springs, or the fact that most cities in California have an average temperature in the 70s – and a comfortable level of humidity? Or is it the incredible concerts, festivals, and sporting events?

Last year, travelers spent $320 million in California, compared to $2.9 billion nationwide. That’s 11% of the national total, and much of that was spent on lodging alone. If you could save on those travel costs, you’d probably be able to travel more, right?

If you had a vacation home in Palm Desert, for example, you could enjoy the BPN Paribas Tennis Open in March, the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in April, and weekend matches at the El Dorado Polo club all season long without having to worry about hotel accommodations.

Maximizing Your Real Estate Portfolio

Buying a vacation home in California is a smart investment and not just because it saves travel costs. The real estate market in California is strong, with prices on the rise. Buying a home there now could be an incredible real estate investment for the future.

The rise in popularity of vacation home rentals is an investment opportunity as well. If you can’t make it to the Coachella Music and Arts Festival this year, you could fund next year’s tickets by renting out your second home to this year’s festival-goers.

Looking for an ideal vacation home in California? Look to the Palm Springs and Palm Desert area. From Frank Sinatra to Ronald Reagan to Marilyn Monroe to Clint Eastwood, celebrities and the top 1% have seen the value of owning real estate in the area for decades.

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